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Perfume Collection + Haul

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  1. I recommend spellbound by Estée Lauder if you like Chanel no.5.. :)

  2. Hugo deep red is my all time favorite perfume! Too bad I've never been able to afford it. It's such a sensual scent.

  3. finally! I have been looking for more chanel lover collections haha

  4. You have great taste in perfume! I liked Armani Code, but I'm not a huge orange blossom fan so I gave it away. I might go back to it one day, though.

  5. Don`t rub your wrists together after applying. You destroy the delicate molecule structure and it can`t last as long as it would.

  6. omg yes yes perfume i love it

  7. Where did you get the perfumes from ??

  8. i should respond with a perfume collection of mine… love just love perfume. haha didnt know there was a perfume collection on here, never thought about looking something like this up…thanks for sharing…love your hair

  9. great taste!!

  10. thank you

  11. thank you

  12. Thank you. I got mine from the perfume shop

  13. Hello nice video .. from where did you buy your new Chanel Chance edp ?

  14. Finally… some REAL taste in perfumes! Awesome girl, love your style.

  15. thank you, i haven't tried coco noir yet, i will check it out next time i shop for perfume x

  16. You have great taste, I've got no 5 and coco and ur right they smell sooo good.. Have u tried coco noir? If its in ur collection please do a review xx

  17. Thanks hun x

  18. Que nojo dessa boca.

  19. Thanks hun

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