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Perfume Collection ft. Scentbird

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  1. girl, why you tellin em about prada candy lmao

  2. you should try Gucci guilty, its amazing

  3. hey u know about that Malia Hollister perfume, not alot of women do.such a cheap&cheerful option:) love from tdot

  4. TheeJessica Rabbit

    Sean john unforgivable woman has been my favorite scent for years and on the plus side men seem to really like it!! lol

  5. so you can pick your perfume each month??

  6. Light Blue is one of my favorite. And I feel that smells good one everyone I know.

  7. I'm late to this video, but Burberry Brit is my new favorite!!!

  8. D&G The one rose

  9. you should try House of sillage (pronounced si-yah-sh) fragrances, their bottles and fragrances are very nice..I think you'd like Tiara, Holiday, Hauts Bijoux and Chevaux d'or. Check them out! https://www.instagram.com/houseofsillage/

  10. OMG!! I'm also so OBSESSED with smelling good and perfumes! I tell my husband that I love love love everything to smell nice!!! My currently favorite perfume that I am using right now is called "HAPPY" and it is by Clinique. I swear every time I put it on, everyone at work tells me I smell so freakin good and they immediately want to know what I'm wearing. Let me know if you have tried it or what you think? Thanks so much for this video because I've been waiting for someone to do a video on perfumes!!☺

  11. You should try Michael by Michael Kors. I know a lot of people who love that fragrance!

  12. can you please make a video about how u became a makeup artist please💯😆

  13. vanessa williams

    Omg we have like the same taste :O and the same perfumes. I have a little more but I bet u do also by now. Love the video :) you're very pretty btw

  14. Tom Ford Black Orchid 💙

  15. You and I have the same tastes because most of these I have or have had. Great vid.

  16. Have u tried Jo Malone? I love it….

  17. hey girl, my ultimate favorite is Chloé, the original one, you have to try it, so chic, refreshing, fresh and revitalizing

  18. FaiththeHaitianDoll

    Where did you buy your shirt?!

  19. Dolce by dolce and gabanna , Aqua de Gio by Armani ,Bombshell from Victoria Secret ,Izzy miyaki, and bright crystal from Versace are some of my faves ! Check them out :) love your channel btw <3

  20. I love the since Prada candy all time favorite

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