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Perfume Collection!! Designer Fragrance Reviews & STRAIGHT HAIR!

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  1. How to keep your hair healthy please :D

  2. Use Moroccan oil or argan oil

  3. darkdreams88_youtube

    I like your use of the stepper as a perfume display shelf! And great tip about the storage. I like to display mine too and not hide them in drawers

  4. Dolce and Gabanna Rose the One is my absolute favourite! Such an elegant and floral scent 

  5. Jennifer Dinnocenti

    i cant contain the maime eithor

  6. Catherine Inchley


  7. Hey! I have curly hair also… When I straighten it, I use some hair products. I use a Tigi Bed Head leave in conditioner ( it is in a pink bottle, sorry but I don't know exactly what its name is. I use it after I wash my hair, when it is still wet.) I brush my hair and then I use a marrocanoil treatment for hair which is AMAZING for moisturizing. Even if it is a little bit pricy, it totally worth it. And after this I just blow dry my hair and then I use a Keune heat protector spray ( I don't know if you can find it in USA, but, let me tell you, it is amazing) and then I just straighten my hair with my Remington straightner. After I finish up my hair (it takes me about an hour) I just put on some hairspray on my brush and comb my hair with it. That way my hair stays straight all week and it is not sticky at all, so I definitely recommend this. The hairspray is from Tigi Bed Head ( again I don't know how it's called, but it has a turquoise color).
    Hope I helped you! Have a nice day

  8. Try Jimmy Choo Flash and I wonder what your b/f would say about Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights, both really over the top hate them or love them scents. I have and love them both. The Burberry line fragrances mainly smell mature and too classic to me.

  9. Peace Love Juicy Couture smells like grass to me…

  10. Cassandra Pinkcupcake

    Love this video.

  11. People actually say old lady scents, oh dear dear, they need to learn that the correct term to use is 'Mature'

  12. Love your review it was funny, entertaining, personal, and I learned a little thanx for sharing!!!♡♥

  13. shrutiarjunanand

    this happens to me a lot, I am a Indian beauty "guru" like you here and let me tell you its so frustrating!!! try avanti flat iron as its kinda the best and it does resolve this problem :-) Hope this will help!

  14. Alejandra Ramirez

    wow that was a long video but i was a trooper ans watched it alllol

  15. foxpawofhawkclan

    believe me, ive got the same question  I dont think there is a way

  16. I have some sections that rebel, too :(  They don't show any kink or curl, per say, but they start to curve from draping along my cheek or lying against my chest or whatever. I've tried numerous products and none of them help. I don't really like my hair straight anyway, but if I'm going to go through all that work and damage, I want it to stay straight :(

  17. Try la vie est Belle by lancome and Ricci Ricci and Nina by Nina Ricci, and I suggest Killer Queen by Katy Perry too, those scents are worth trying

  18. Hey, I know this is an older video, but I have similar hair but mine does NOT curl and has been "taught" to straighten after years of straightening with a CHI porcelain iron. I nearly cried when a hair dresser did it for me almost ten years ago–and I still have that CHI (they're durable and amazing if you ask me).

    Long story short–take your time. As you're pulling your hair through the iron, let it do so smoothly. I know you said it took hours to do it, but in reality I think with the right straightener and product it should be 20 minutes max. I also began with clips to separate layers of hair. Do the underside first, very small sections, and then work your way up to the top layer of hair. Also, spritz each small section with the Iron Guard spray by CHI, or some protectant/anti-frizz spray before you run the straightener through it. Any kind of wetness does frizz up when you try to straighten, so use sparingly. I had to do this the first year or so I was straightening, but after that my hair kind of learned how I wanted it to stay and I don't do that sectioning anymore.

    I use the flat iron spray to protects first by CHI, and I also use the silk infusion by CHI (doesn't have to be that brand for this, but I do find they work the best). I put a dab of silk infusion on BEFORE I put anything else in, and if I'm waiting for air to hair dry I put it on right after a shower and sleep with it in or just give it time to dry. My hair gets frizzier if I blow dry instead of air dry, so that could add to frizziness and lack of straightening when you're trying. Thanks for all your videos! Love them!

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