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Perfume collection!

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  1. That pug is adorable!

  2. victoria montoya

    That sucks. I had the full size Givenchy ange ou demon and it lasted a long time on my skin. Plus, the full sized bottle is gorgeous.

    Then again, I've had very good luck ordering perfumes without smelling them. I did that with the Michael by Michael Kors and Tory Birch.

  3. I love Angel! The refill is like buys a new bottle :)LOL

  4. you talk so faaaast wow

  5. Lovely channel Hun….just subbed …will be very very grateful if you sub back and support 😊😊 xx

  6. Just came across this video and I really enjoyed it! We have similar tastes in perfumes (I have about 40 right now). I have Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and it's quite nice. If you're interested in doing a swap let me know- I have a bad habit of buying perfumes and then just forgetting about them. Anyway, you've got a new sub!

  7. I'm a huge Angel and Alien fan, nice picks. Just a small suggestion; it's kind of dark in this video, maybe consider sitting facing the window to get some natural lighting.

  8. Krissy77 Clouds&Doves

    yes I love black opium by ysl & I'm waiting on my first bottle in the mail yay!😄☺along with lolita lempicka edp by lolita lempicka ,perfect for winter, especially black opium ysl, loved your video I was awnsering the comment ~☆

  9. fragrancenet.com has great sales and there authentic

  10. we have a bunch of the same loves, no wonder why i love you so dearly! I bet you smell fabulous today 😉 hahaha. Loved this video!

  11. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    greeeeeeat collection I subbed!

  12. Omg I've watched your video at least 3 times and I just noticed your 2nd pug behind the pillow!!lol Little peeper!

  13. Thanks Tracy, me too. Have you smelled Terryfic Oud L'Eau de Toilette by Terry de Gunzburg? The description sounds intriguing.

  14. Hi Tracy – nice job! I had Prada Candy years ago and liked it. My fall scents include Cuir Cannage Eau de Parfum by Dior, Noir de Noir eau de parfum by Tom Ford, Coromandel eau de toilette by Chanel, Vanilla Marble parfum spray by Agonist and I always, always have Chanel No. 19 in my collection year round.

  15. Those Sisters That Sample

    Hey there! We are subscriber #67 :) we have a channel as well and we'd appreciate it if you'd check it out!

    and we use the same perfume tray! lol

  16. I just got a sample of tom ford noir and ysl black opium today. …anyone tried those?

  17. I love the Chanel chance too!!! Just found your channel. Your puggie is too cute.

  18. U have a great collection i love perfume and my favourite is viktor and rolf ahhh , i subscribed , i do makeup videos have a look at my channel if u would like to and if u do i hope u like it :)

  19. Great video! Your little dog is SO cute too! :)

  20. Sincerely is one of my favorite fragrances ……. And I feel quite addicted to this scent. The first time I used, got nice comments from my friends. So I started loving it more & more. Also the brand Harvey Prince have many different fragrances for women. Pretty interesting! https://www.harveyprince.com/

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