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Perfume Collection 2013

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  1. your rihanna perfume is rebelle fleur 

  2. Jean-Marie Santiago

    Hey! In your review you said you got one of your fragrances from a used website..which site is it?

  3. Great video. I agree with the other person who said about holly shhhing her mouth! No need for that at all. U have some lovely perfumes. Xxxx

  4. Thanks! :) I'm glad I could bring a smile to your face.

  5. You remind me of my daughter, Gabriela!!! She has this kinda rock n roll style that u have!! nice collection!!! Hugs and Kisses from Brazil!!! 😉

  6. Miss holly hush your damn ass

  7. I see what you comment on peoples videos, and I think you're trying to be cleaver. It's not cleaver, it's rude and I don't need your hate here. Thanks! :)

  8. Bitch,you trying to be funny

  9. 0.0 How so?

  10. you sound like miley cyrus

  11. I think miss Dior Cherie smells like code red mountain dew

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