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Out on the Town: Finding A Fragrance

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  1. How old are you?

  2. Try Sephora's Vanilla perfume~

  3. I'm on the search for my own scent and then saw this XD
    Glad you found yours!!

  4. your taste for the mens is the sent my Husbands just loves…i do too. your right we're bad girls for men who smell like The One.

  5. I thought she said "penny dropper" until I read this.

    I was like "WTF does that even mean lol"

  6. Ah Bright Crystal… good choice! It's been my go-to for over a year now.

  7. I loove how you review perfumes. I was looking for a new perfume and first thing first I came toy your channel cuz you know how to describe things.

  8. white musk!!

  9. misschocoholicbunny

    LOL i love how she said she's gonna go back to clinique happy if she has extra cash then there's me using clinique happy every single day for at least a year:DD

  10. i love Versace Bright Crystal. i was intending it to be my next scent.

  11. Versace Bright Crystal is on sale on groupon for $37 for the 3oz!!!

  12. My mom hase that snell :0

  13. Omg. How ironic! I'm watching this video and my VBC is beside me. I love this perfume but it's really really pricey for me. Good thing I don't use it everyday!

  14. I use Versace bright crystal. Smells amazing! :)

  15. You should do a meet & greet at Arden! :')

  16. Using Vesace bright crystal too! Like since 13 yo… LOVESSSS FOR IT

  17. yes she does

  18. Your teeth are so white! Do you whiten them?

  19. Awesome about the instant panty dropper :)

  20. i love versace bright crystal and princess by vera wang =3 harajuku lovers lil angle is nice too

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