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Our Most Worn Fragrances Last Year!

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  1. Aventus … $ 380

  2. Loved this video hope you do it for 2016 :).

  3. Where do y'all live in the gulf coast?! I'm in the Florida panhandle!

  4. IDK why I missed this in Feb! So awesome to see since both of you have large collections which frags really tend to be what you reach for realistically. I agree with you both on GIT; I don't tend to wear it as much as ya'll but so happy I have it especially for formal occasions, weddings. etc. MOAT is my sexy-yummy go-to. My dumb reaches lately tend to be HM by Hanae Mori, Cannabis Santal by Fresh, L'Homme & Body Kouros by YSL, and I recently fell in love with SMW & Sycomore by Chanel.

  5. How many sprays do you do of Green Irish Tweed… because I can spray the thing 8 times and you can't really smell it on my skin after two hours…

  6. How many sprays of aventus do u do bro?

  7. I meant to ask: have you folks tried House of Matriarch Blackbird? I'm in love with that stuff, and I wish more YTers would try it.

  8. Sweet video! I liked it a lot. What's up jer!!!!

  9. Awesome list guys, thanks for sharing. Great to see Jer with Daver again! 

  10. 2014 was the year of Aventus. Loved other fragrances more but found myself reaching for this one over and over again. Went through 50ml and had to buy another 30ml decant this year. 

  11. Man, can anyone tell me what the song in the outro is??

  12. Hi Guys,

    I think that this was one of your most important videos.  I have a lot of comments but I will try to keep it relatively brief at least for me.  It shows how good this video is to get all of these comments and the positive reactions to it.

    Its important for us as fans of your channel to see videos like this and to see what motivates you and why and how you wear certain scents.  To see Dave talk about his family and creating scent memories for them is important.  And Jerr talks about wearing scents to church and the office.  For most of us that watch your reviews we want to see you praise things that we could or should buy and use.  Jerr talks about selling or trading the scents that he wears on occasion and pulling his collection back down to 40 scents that he wears on a regular basis.  For many not in the frag comm, 40 is a light number and yet to 99% of Americans it would be an astonishing collection.  40 would let you literally have 7 signature scents for each season plus 12 special occasion scents.

    Like Jerr, Taste of Fragrance is my favorite of the Mugler Angel man line and its nice to see another mention it.  But lets talk about Creeds.  I went back and watched your GIT vidoes, your Cool Water video, and the shootout.  You both rated GIT 4 out of 5 as well as Cool Water 4 out of 5.  In the shootout, you couldnt even tell the difference.  And then Jerr, just cussed out Cool Water and called it a rapist and some other nasty stuff.  Personally, I own Cool Water and mostly like it better than GIT.  Not once have I ever worn GIT when I didnt kick myself for not wearing Cool Water.  Luca Turin feels like me that Cool Water is a better scent so I am not going to apologize for my opinion.  To me, GIT has a far superior opening but I start liking the Cool Water mid better and by the drydown I like it much better than GIT.  It also lasts longer for me but perhaps that is because with the price differential, I am able to spray a few sprays extra of CW.  Now, Dave mentions that he likes GIT better and feels it has one of the best drydowns in the game.  He even promised to do a top 10 best openings in fragrance video and top 10 best drydowns in fragrance.  The bros did an angelic choir sound moment about how good the drydown of GIT is.

    Now I revisited these videos because if you go back you see their thinking.  Dave says over and over and over that he doesnt want to wear a $20 scent that he could buy at Wal-Mart.  He mentions the word snob.  And he doesnt want to be wearing something recognizable.  Dave had 5 niche, a couple of expensive Designers from the Dior Homme line, and a couple more from Hermes along with a fairly rare L'occitane.  Jerr also had a 5/5 split between designer and niche but he had a $30 frag and picked Mont Blanc Individuel over Orignal Santal.

    You can see a big difference in reasoning between these two friends.  Dave seems to be using fragrance as a status symbol and cares how other people react to what he is wearing.  And in the case of his children, this is probably a good thing.  Jerr seems to be moving towards wearing fragrances that he personally likes and for his own enjoyment.  Hes dropped his collection down to 40 so he can wear his favorites.

    Now, I like floral notes and Geranium is one of my favorite notes.  I also like Jasmine.  So for me, Cool Water is a fabulous scent when it starts to dry down and the florals peek out.  Dave likes Ambergris and prefers GIT and thats fine as well.  But whether something is a $20 scent or a $200 scent there is value in wearing what you love.  If you notice in this video and the GIT vs CW videos, both of these gentlemen admit that outside of close friends and family that 99% of people wont notice what you wear.  But it is nice when the 1% notices.

    I think that short of "collecting" or being an "afficienado" of scents that the majority of people are going to gravitate towards what they like or what brings them happiness.  For Jerr, it might be friends, family and church and for Dave he seems to want to have an outreach program with his scents.  I know millionaires that wear $1 bottles of aftershave they bought at the Dollar General.  I know some that are unemployed that wear Niche and Dior.  Its been said that the 2 people that shouldnt advertise their income status are the rich and the poor.

    Its nice to collect and explore the majesty of one of our 5 senses but I imagine that at the end of the day, even hard core frag heads gravitate to the scents they like and thats what they want to and do wear.  It shouldnt matter if something is $20 or $200…. unless you want others to know you can wear something that costs $200.  I kick myself everytime I wear GIT because I just like CW better but if I had to make a good first impression then Id reach for GIT everytime.  GIT might be the ultimate howdy scent.  And I totally get why Dave likes it so well.  Hes such a friendly guy that he is a howdy type person.  Im glad he likes GIT and that there are people in the world like him.  Im more of a wait for the florals type person.  And thats ok.

    I would like to see more reviewers show us what they wear and why and a bit less of what they collect.  You cant own em all and even if you could then you would still gravitate towards your favorites.  Batman has already picked up the torch and carried it a bit and I might list my top 10 most worn frags on his channel.

    I dont think people need to have spreadsheet databases of their most worn scents. but most people could look at which bottles are emptying faster and get a good idea.  The fragrance bros are leading the charge here and I hope that more people will post their own top 10 list of most worns.  I like Creeds and Imaginary Authors but I limit wearings of these to once a month because of cost.  I wear at most one Creed a month and one Imaginary Authors a month.  When I get 12 bottles of each I will probably have a lifetime supply.  But I own other fragrances that cost a lot that I dont limit because I like them well enough to not want to limit.  Those are the ones that are special.  I wear Mugler and Taste of Fragrance whenever I want to even though its $100 a bottle and getting hard to find.

    The top 10 lists of most worns shows what people do and not what they say you should buy and for that reason its special.  Actions speak louder than words and I hope more in the community will pay attention to these type videos and do some of their own or at least post somewhere what they actually do wear instead of what they say they or you should.

    Lanier Smith says, wear not what they say you should wear but rather wear what you love.

    We need more videos like this one.

    Good Job Fellas,

    Clap Clap Clap

  13. So great to see Jer!!!

  14. "………i said it first." 😉
    guys, i love your channel!

  15. Where's Chez Bond from BOND NO.9 ;)

  16. Great list guys. Welcome back Jer, please don't go away you n Daver are flipping funny

  17. I loved this so much, thanks for putting in the hard work in tracking what you wore last year.  xoxo Cleo

  18. Great video again guys, really enjoyed it! You lot should really do more top 10 lists! :)

  19. Jer you look like you shaped up a bit!

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