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OUR MOMENT | One Direction Perfume Review!

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  1. I Love One Direction and O2l too!
    My cousin bought one, droped it, and it cracked. I wanted to cry!

  2. Lindsie A. Aleman (Linz)

    I got that too and I haven't put it on me yet and do a other one do you have you&i you sound so nice?

  3. an boy use it

  4. I am not a crazy Directioner but I love the Moments collection. I want both.

  5. you took WAY to long to tell about it. normally  that sort of thing would tack like 3 minutes not 7 33 seconds.

  6. This girl is cray cray!!

  7. I share the same birthday as liam

  8. It's not perfection it's amazayn perfection 


  10. You are weird

  11. I got one direction our moment perfume it's smell really sweet and beautiful it makes me feel like I gonna cry when I first smell a nice bottle of perfume!?

  12. It's nice. You could have at least said if it was fruity/floral/oriental or day/night. 

  13. Well its out in the UK dont know about USA

  14. Their new perfume is out its called you and i

  15. Our moment in san Antonio???

  16. i love our moment<3

  17. I got some for my b-day!(that was today.) Along with a bunch of other things

  18. how much are they?

  19. how much

  20. where did u get it

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