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Our Favorite Spring Time Smell Goods from FragranceNet.com

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  1. I just realized that you were twins!!! gorgeous girls

  2. Oh my gosh theirs two of you?! Lol

  3. Lmaooooo I didn't know this was a twin account. I thought u were just a geminj

  4. I just love you girls' hair!! Please can you let me know what you have on?

  5. They are pretty

  6. Hey Guys! Thanks for entering! The winners will be announced in a few days!

  7. Dolce & Gabbana

  8. T_undefined #Twingodesses and #lightblue

  9. I would like the D&G my instagram is sabrinablessed26

  10. I like the Jadore my twitter name is msjnock

  11. I would like to win either I like both my instagram is @topp_notch

  12. i would love 2 win anyone but the only problem i don't do instagram or twitter sorry but i still wacth u guys on the YT. thanks

  13. My Instagram name is "atrurebel" an I Love Light blue!!! But I be never tried Jadore!

  14. I would looove to win J'adore!! My IG is @bad_e

  15. I would like the D & G- Light Blue:-) Twitter Name: EnvyMaDimplez

  16. i would like the light blue
    ig: angeewells

  17. i want the J'adore by Dior 1.7oz eau de parfum my twitter is d1am0ndd1va and i liked fragrancenets fb

  18. I want the D&G Light Blue* My IG & Twitter is @nakeia_applebum <3

  19. J'adore Twitter: @DejhaB

  20. Been searching for a new staple fragrance! Yay! Id love to try j'adore!! Please enter me. Instagram:royal_beautee

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