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Oud Wood by Tom Ford | Fragrance Review

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  1. Oud wood is hands down the best TF private blend.

  2. Nice! Review, thanks

  3. Rev. Marcel Divine Emeka Okwara CSsR

    Please can review Aoud Forest by Montale? I want to know what you think about it. Thanks 

  4. I wanted your opinion on which Tom Ford Fragrance would work for me all all of the ones like( violet blonde/orchid) don't smell great to me. The kind of scents I like are the following (Gucci Guilty Intense,Fan di Fendi,Van Cleef Arpels (Oriens),Versace Eros por Femme) so what Tom Ford Fragrance can you recommend I like strong scents according to my list above and lean more towards a masculine ish oriental because of the Gucci,Van Cleef and Versace. I am having such a hard time picking a scent from Tom Ford's line.

  5. Top Oud Incense can be found on this store with free shipping 

  6. Eugene Gutierrez

    Also whats the difference between orginal oud wood versus the newer version of oud wood bottle? Thanks a lot. I happened to be a big time collector when it comes to a high end cologne. 

  7. Eugene Gutierrez

    Hey dra doc… You mentioned don't wear oud when its active I do not know what meant by that. I'm assuming don't wear it in the summer time. anyway keep up the good work. Thnks

  8. Eugene Gutierrez

    Nice presentation. Can you do the tobacco oud presentation when you get a chance? 

  9. Miguel “PsyGenesis” Martinez

    On my skin this well actually project 3 to 4 feet which is enough to hit someone walk by or some one I walk past, but fades rapidly after 3 to 4 hours. Normally scents that do not project well or do not last at least 6 hours do not make the cut, but this stuff smells so good, that I had to bend my own rules. This is a wear a suit and seduce fragrance. 

  10. missy moallempour

    not last long at all very disappointing its rapped off for over $200 and call it perfume since does not stay on skin at all

  11. I bought this as well, its pretty weak, doesn't last long at all. waste of $. Id try the Aqua Di Parma Leather and Oud…excellent quality – You won't be disappointed. 

  12. Great Review! Thanks for the Heads Up!

  13. "Stinky, old man… and weak"  lmao 

  14. you can get amazing quality oudh from this ebayer http://stores.ebay.co.uk/SHUKRIYA-IMPEX?_rdc=1
    At amazing prices. these are top quality oudh perfumes from the uae.

  15. No projection no buy helloooooooooooo!!!!

  16. Johmathan .B. Swift

    Very well conveyed in presentation . Great job

  17. I would love to see you do a comparion video between this and the Aqua Di Parma Oud which is blended with citrus and has more sillage.

  18. excellent review.

  19. Abdelfattah Nassar

    It would be an honor to us if you visit our new perfume oriented facebook page

  20. Smells like sukrit

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