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Oud Noir by Versace – Quicky Review

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  1. Nice Review! I must say my friend, you have a very cool laugh that always makes me laugh right along with you! LOL!!!

  2. that's sad my husband loved tom ford oud wood but it did not stay in his skin max 2 hours stupid rape off for $300, thought this one can be replace for oud wood seems like all the new oud woody fragrances have the same longevity  problem.  good review

  3. I believe you captured my sentiments about this fragrance…it's nice, but it certainly doesn't Wow! me with oudy goodness with oudy performance. It's okay, but offhand I can think of a few dozen Middle Eastern fragrances that smell and perform better…for under $50.

  4. Started to think MyMickers just didnt have any luck with Oud frags…but sadly…in my opinion he is totally right. While I agree that the TF Oud Wood may not be the best value considering longevity and sillage, the scent to me is so amazing and lasts at least 3-4 hours so enough for me to enjoy what I think is a gorgeous woody scent with hint of animalic oud. But then I shifted to this product and was able to get my hands and give it a shot – and its so sad how great this could have been. Thats not to say it is bad, but it leaves so much to be desired which is truly a shame because the opening is so busy being dark, sweet, oudy, masculine without smelling barnyard like. But that initial blast that really keeps you coming back really only lasts for a few minutes and it seems to Quickly fall into a dark smokey incensey smell with a hint of oud that lingers in the background. The longevity isnt poor as some say, it just transforms from a dark, semi-sweet oud into a very one-dimensional incensey type scent with hints of leather and oud in the background.

  5. …agree :(

  6. To me, the first 30 seconds smells so close to Sycamore, then it totally changes.

  7. He's just saying it didnt knock his socks off…And when your used to Niche fragrance after niche fragrance, its kinda hard to be WOW'd with a designer.You get used to the more expensive more natural ingredients…A less sophistocated and less spoiled nose might think Oud Noir is the BOMB.

  8. Sorry I just watched the whole video….The top opening which is the best part disappears VERY quickly :( ……….then just turns into Black XS

  9. I have this and it smells AMAZING…however there's some longevity issue with this on my skin…my skin dont seem to love sweet fragrances…unless if its vanilla .

  10. works great on my skin

  11. I got my 10mls of this today. I actually like it going off my first impression of the top so far. For some reason it does remind me of M7. M7 is very different from this but I think it just may be that synthetic oud note along with the sweetness that kind gives me that vibe.

  12. Here's the bottom line guys all these reviewers are people just like us and it is only their personal opinion and taste…. don't take their word as absolute, because its not! get it Decant, and judge it for yourself… on your skin. Then decide if it's for you or not. What they do is not quantum mechanics any average person can take the time to smell a few bottles and familiarize themselves with certain notes.

  13. Well I don't know whether to buy it now or not, if I ever find it lol!?! Still love ur reviews dude!!!!

  14. Great vid !

  15. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Not that you can find this thing over here yet!

  16. Great review Dan ! I am beginning to wonder if the oud wave has hit the rocks?

  17. AGentlemansJourney

    no problemo. I hope you watched my Versace Eros review, I gave you a little shout out :) Just a thank you for subscribing and welcoming me to the community.

  18. Dammmmm!!!!! I got a decant on the way. hope its a lil better on my skin.

  19. But it's an awesome bottle right?

  20. Great energy as always Dan – compulsive viewing!!

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