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Oud Flamboyant Givenchy Fragrance Perfume Review!! (2014)

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  1. Great review… please check out Mancera sand aoud… if you haven't sampled amazing scent would love to hear your opinion on it thanks.

  2. Nicely done mate!! Need to check out this new line,
    Wow, givenchy doesn't really get much talk now, i think i only have play intense and pi, and don't wear those any more.

  3. Didn't know Givenchy had a private line. 

  4. Bravo! I had no idea Givenchy was doing a private line! An out that isn't rude, how nice. Where can one get it?

  5. Mickers had sex in his nose?!? WTF?? J/k. Great video bro

  6. theLupeXperience

    Good to hear about Givenchy's foray into the luXury genre. ThnX for this :) Cheers

  7. Sounds great , hope I can find it . Cheers 

  8. I definitely have to check this one out! Great review!!!

  9. He Smells Like Rome

    Another great one Ryan. I'll check this one out when i go to NYC this weekend.

  10. What's your most worn frag?

  11. Sound interesting!! Thanks Ryan for another great video?

  12. Enjoyed the review. I love oud and this fragrances actually sounds quite interesting…not really too keen on the name, however.

  13. Well done, Ryan. Gotta check it out. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. You've got the best smelling camera lens ever.

  15. Damn seem nice. Might get a sample of it.

  16. Thanks a lot for watching and subscribing:)

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