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[ORINGINAL] Perrier Compilation with Dita Don Teese

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  1. unfff

  2. Kallisto Nerrevik

    kidding me? too OLD. ye she was good…..bout 10 years ago at least…..anyway too fucking old

  3. I love her so much but she's really not a good actress. Her movements are very forced-looking… wtf is with the slight grunting noise she kept making 

  4. Marilyn Manson is one lucky man! 

  5. El que ella me encante hace que me contradiga en mil cosas… pero no me importa, la amo! :P

  6. Cheyenne Schreiber

    It's Dita Von Teese..

  7. some call me Dita

  8. que tipa tan rara x)

  9. … can we have both?

  10. Not ridiculous…. She's a business woman capitalizing on her fame and sparking water is simply what she chose to endorse….would you rather her endorse fruit of the loom high rise women's briefs???? I guarantee dita doesn't wear those but she might like sparkling water :-)

  11. kinda ridiculous for commercials for sparkling water

  12. 😀 … Your dog does not by(i)te a sound of Wuff or of Bark of Sy(i)mphony(ies) … ::D

  13. 😀 … It´s nota a good thing to been a Hitler or his ally (18nNNnnnN) … 😀

  14. she has an allmost profaction of a body but it defens by how she beahve to pepole what trully mettars is the inside world of a girl then we will see the true nauture of her good luck with finding your in er you

  15. Dita Von Teese Compilation with Perrier.

  16. Юстина Широбокова

    she is so beautiful

  17. Dita´s tips: how to be a sensual woman! very useful.. 😀

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