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Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. I love Opium now that it's been reformulated, I always felt it was way to over powering when it first came out, It suited my mother but not me. But now, I love it, I know everyone says it's not what it used to be and for some of us that's a good thing. And lets face it a reformulated Opium is still better than any cotton candy concoction that's out there now!

  2. Katherine Mirazic

    The body cream still has the original formula in it, thankfully!  YSL customer service said only the jars/packaging have changed.  

  3. My mum wore opium by ysl and pure poison by dior etc. etc. Opium is mysterious and unique but for mature women, I could not pull it off since I am in my twenties. I recently tried out the black opium, which has a undertone of the original opium to it, but overloaded with vanilla and a tinge of maybe coffee to it. It smells absolutely fantastic, yet very mystifying. Opium and black opium is one of those fragrances people either love or hate, most people I have found hate both of them, but I absolutely love both.

  4. Can you review black opiam

  5. I would like to request a review on black opium! by ysl! I smelt it today definitely not your usual scent 

  6. Eat.Sleep.Internet.

    I am terribly terribly picky when It comes to perfumes and Black Opium (which I know isn't the one she's reviewing) was the only one I liked immediately.

  7. I am a guy and i own a bottle of the Women's Ôpium. I wear it all the time in winter and it works like a charm everytime. There is just something about this fragrance!

  8. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Keep circling it. Either it will eventually win you over or not.

  9. This perfume does nothing but confuses me it knocks me out then picks me up … Very daring fragrance! I'm just 25 and still thinking hmmm is it time to move on to something like this ??? Hmmmm is it too old for me … Sigh nothing but confusion

  10. Opium is a wonderful perfume. But I wouldn't get is in it's pure form. That would be too much of a shock to me. However, I would like to get an empty bottle for a collectible.

  11. the day they stop making opium is the day my life ends,

  12. Opium is reformulated…. the new version smells like a 5$ version of the original. Ew.

  13. as i guy i really like it, actually i remember it from my earliest childhood used by my parents' friends when we went to visit them.
    it seems that i remember this scent alot better then how i remember them.

  14. Following up on my comment…..I know you hate that word in perfumes "for men! For women" but I did smell the one reviewed in this video and it does have a lady like vibe, so I wonder if the masculine version would possess the same oriental quality just a little manly?

  15. Is opium for men similar?

  16. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Opium is a perfume that makes you rise to the occasion when you wear it.

  17. Thanks for setting this fragrance up so well; it's a force to be reckoned with and it's not for everyone. You need attitude, self-confidence and style. Whoever wears it leaves a wake trailing after them so you've got to be up to the challenge. I love your definition: gypsy campfire! So fitting.

  18. Katie,
    Do you know any niche perfume somewhat similar to vintage Opium?

  19. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Wouldn't that be great if perfume houses offered "original vintage" versions of their classic fragrances? But then they'd have to admit that they'd tampered with the formula, which they don't like to 'fess up to!

  20. Although linear, Opium has enigmatic DEPTH. And as already mentioned in these comments, the new Opium is a tragic bastardization of the old masterpiece.

    I haven't thought about the old Gucci Pour Homme, with the red & green striped girth strap and horsebits, in many years! Frankincense, leather, tobacco and pepper…. And the price was so affordable!

    In addition to their new creations, why don't manufacturers offer original frags for those willing to pay higher prices for better quality?

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