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OOTD and Escada Perfume!

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BIJAN By Bijan Travel Size Perfume For Women Eau De Parfum Splash Mini .25 oz / 7.5 ml

  • Bijan Perfume for Women By Bijan
  • Travel Size (Mini)
  • Eau De Parfum Splash 0.25 oz / 7.5 ml
  • Brand new in retail box unused undamaged as seen in images
Manufactured by the design house of Bijan. BIJAN for WOMEN possesses a blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, and orange flower.. This product was released in 1987.

Price: $ 16.25

Designer Fragrance Type Escada Cherry In The Air Body Perfume Essence Oil

  • No Alcohol
  • No Water
  • No Chemicals
  • Essence Oil
Designer Fragrance Type: Escada Cherry In The Air Body Perfume Essence Oil from top designers in Europe. This product is an essence oil. No Alcohol, No Chemical, No Water. 1/8 fl oz bottle lasts up to 1 yr and up to 30 hours on the skin with a 50 year shelf life. Apply the oil on neck, wrist, behind ears and any place you want to smell amazing! ALL DESIGNER FRAGRANCE TYPES ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARK NAMES AND ARE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF ORIGINAL MANUFACTURE. ALL ABOUT SKIN & MORE & GYPSY STORM IS NO

Price: $ 15.00


  1. Thanks :) :) I like that sort ? I love your outfit ? ♡ I can tell that you love it, Just like Snow ? :) Thanks I'll try it :)

  2. it's very expensive in our place ? but i have it but it's very small it's just like the drink me bottle and i HATE it i have to pour it on me :( my mom and sister said NO i can't have it :,( where should i get it where it's not so expensive ? I Love it .

  3. @prettyblissful Yea unfortunately Escada does seasonal scents which means it changes with the season so I guess it's good cause they always have new stuff but at the same time you have to stock up on the smell you want.

  4. @asianbeautyification Yea it's really really cute! When you can you should ask them for the sample at Sephora…sometimes when I want to try something out you just ask for a few of them. WIn!
    OMG yes I love white!

  5. @littleraskle hmm good idea! I will try that! Yes this is my first escada scent but I LOVE IT! Thanks for watching <3

  6. YEs the quality is better but i dont like that its not fullscreen! Maybe change the way your holding it? Love the outfit and will def try the escada perfume, i already own a few other their scents 😉

  7. I love escada perfumes but they always discontinue the ones I like especially when they discontinued island kiss :(. I like the quality of this video better. Cute dress :)

  8. @raynaessence1 hmm at the current moment I think I will be…I'll see at the end of my junior year where I stand.

  9. Are you going to finish your last two years of college in Hawaii still or no? :)

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