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One Direction You & I-Perfume Review

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  1. can i plz have all of ur perfum

  2. I think the bottle is so unbelievably ugly it's quite sad actually because I love the smell of this! 

  3. Marlene martinez

    I Got The Perfume Today And I Love It !!

  4. i really like the pink too too LOL….please  make more videos you are so good at describing what  the smells are for perfumes :) had a blast watching your video. Do you actually own a store if so would I be allowed to know where you are located your perfume looks really nice on the walls there ?:)

  5. No bought it and it's amazing and the ring fits my middle finger so that's good

  6. What's the surprise? lolol

  7. Does only ''You and I'' have a charm? Plz answer- I'm choosing through these three perfumes…

  8. Besim Sejmenovic

    omg somone bye it for me

  9. I like your review!

  10. Christina Styles

    do you wear the perfume?? 

  11. i got it! and the ring fits my finger! 😀 

  12. The ring won't fit in your finger bc it's a female perfume

  13. Breanna Gilliard

    Jut bought it today and I LOVE IT

  14. i got it! and the ring fits my finger! 😀 

  15. Danielle Estrada

    How much was the you and I perfume

  16. Jessica Peterson

    Omg!! Thank you so much for doing this perfume review! I have been dying since this came out to find a review on it!! I loved it! 

  17. OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! i doubt ill ever get this but i would do anything!!!! ♡♡♥♡♥♥♥

  18. OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! i doubt ill ever get this but i would do anything!!!! ♡♡♥♡♥♥♥

  19. great review always my brrooo, i love at first sight with their new one definitely must have it , it is so eyecatching and great for a collection, the others two is great too but not so great like You&I, , , love it so die to have wait to come to my country

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