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One Direction That Moment Perfume Review

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  1. I think I'm going to get this but it's like almost winter

  2. Btw no one cares about what the bottle looks like… We care about the perfume! The main thin u talked about was the bottles!!

  3. Ok, this made me so friken pissed off. After fangirling over them for an hour then watching this, I just wanted to say, they don't get to choose what the fn box looks like. THE MANAGERS DO so stfu. I know I sound like a bitch rite now but seriously they're not self centerd 

  4. cucumber?! he says, ther is cucumber in it? why is there a cucumber in it???!!!

  5. i like the out side of the first one more, and the smell of the second one more:)

  6. i am happy, there is a that moment, cause,i think i like the smell of thatone more.

  7. How long will this be in the stores for?

  8. Rated F for Fangirl

    The photo shoot for 'That Moment' was from their GQ magazine :)

  9. Xyra Andrea Cañedo

    Can you gave me one "That Moment" perfume? Please.

  10. Omg …i watched this vid like 10 times cuzz im exted fpr my perfume that i ordered !!!thanks so much for this review and oh and i subbed cuzz of this vid !!!! Question:what smells better ,our moment or that moment ..cuzz i have our moment and i really like it so maybe i would like tgat better or same p.s im 13

  11. I like that they have there pictures on the box :) 

  12. that moment quiero comprar la colonia ya ……….
    me muero!!!!!
    segun harry dice que huele mejor que our moment…….

  13. +Chelsea Bella not to mention the our moment perfume is the fastest selling perfume for 2013 they said once it realesed it flew of the shelves in seconds … 

  14. They are not self centered .they did that for us (directioners) they know that we will like it better with their facea on it cuzz not to mention they are smexy

  15. I like this review. I'm very excited to get it 

  16. anyone know how long it will be sold for?

  17. That awkward moment when you stop making money off of our moment, so you need to create a new moment.

  18. Hey! Fuck off! They did not design the boxes! 

  19. I'm visiting Sweden and just found out that it comes put 14th April in Sweden, tomorrow, so I guess I'm going to buy it then ;)

  20. do u use all those women/girly perfumes? (also them in the background) :O 

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