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One Direction Perfume Review Our Moment

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  1. Please continue your perfume reviews. I really enjoy and miss them! Hope you're doing well.

  2. Can you doing a perfume collection video?

  3. could you review you and i by one direction xxx 

  4. Do a review on Rihanna's Rogue for men

  5. I love your reviews! Please carry on making them if you can, think i've watched all of your videos now. Some even twice! lol

  6. Katrina, what happened to you? Are you doing well? It has been months since you uploaded a video on your YouTube channel. Please leave a message if you have decided to stop making videos for us. Would be fair…

  7. I miss your videos!! Please do a new one xx

  8. I loves watching all your videos!
    Could you please do a review on Nicki minaj pink friday deluxe edition perfume? Please please 

  9. Can You Do Beyonce (Rise)?

  10. Can you do a review of Taylor by Taylor swift

  11. Can you do a review of Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera? :)

  12. Hey do judtin bieber "the key"

  13. I bought it last month and it is definitely a nice fragrance and gift for young 1D fans. I think that because it is so simple and soft, it is suitable for all ages and perfect for day time wearing. I'm not a fan of 1D but a huge bottle junkie. The bottle is just too cute to be ignored by me.

  14. Thank you! Love your comments!!

  15. Eeeek. Maybe tomorrow!?!

  16. Hi Ratna, My favourite at the moment is Killer Queen by Katy Perry. How about you?

  17. What's your favorite celebrity perfume?

  18. When will your next perfume video review be uploaded? :-)

  19. is there any celebrity perfume that you didn't like ?_?

  20. hi kat,long time no see… :)

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