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OLYMPÉA / The new film 30s / Paco Rabanne

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  1. Anastasia Masney Silva (Karamazov)

    me encantan las zapatillas de la modelo griega.

  2. Hot man ;)

  3. what is the name of the song

  4. she is beautiful

  5. Con la de mujeres deportistas con cuerpos.bonitos que hay y ponen a la culofina esta, en fin.

  6. Elena Alexandra Enea

    Aww..she's so sweet and gracious :* love her

  7. Carlos Alberto Hernandez

    Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción?

  8. what is that car?

  9. Love Luma, Love Nick, Love Paco Rabanne, but tgus commercial is so stupid and tacky. Waste of money. GLad there's a new fragrance from PR though. Almost all are great

  10. Si j'en mets dans mon réservoir….. ma voiture aura des Ailes?

  11. It's Luma Grothe, she's brazilian

  12. The model is Luma Grothe, you're welcome ;)

  13. GOD, the amount of times I've had this advert and not been able to skip it.

  14. Who's the model?

  15. who is the model

  16. Is that Nick Youngquest in the chair?

  17. What Name has the mUsIc

  18. shes hot

  19. viola “M” macy

    I'm confuse with versace's eros pour femme

  20. Whats the name of this song?

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