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Olivine Oil Perfumes: Haul & Review

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  1. Just subscribed….. I checked out the website because of you….. About to order but waiting until the end of the video. I am perfume obsessed.

  2. Thank you for doing this video! This is so funny- I live in Seattle, and used to shop at the Olivine boutique until it closed several years back. I hadn't even heard of this line until you mentioned it in a video, though- then I went to the website and recognized the owner from another boutique she had called Show Pony :) Anyhow, I am also very sensitive to synthetic fragrances and don't wear any perfume, aside from the Sugar Grapefruit perfume by Love & Toast, which I absolutely love and have been wearing for 2 years straight (Perhaps you've seen them at Whole Foods? I like a couple of their perfumes, but most of them are just too sweet for me and Sugar Grapefruit is the only one I genuinely love)  I'm so excited to try these and have some other options!

  3. I am schocked that i haven't found your channel earlier and how come you have such a little subs. You are great :) I subscribed immediately :)
    And Hi from Poland :D

  4. Perfume videos are one of my favorite types of videos to watch. I would love to try the complex one you weren't sure about if you end up not loving it! Perfume is my THANG! It may seem like a crazy recommendation, but give some of the Tom Ford private blend perfumes a try if you can. They're not organic or anything, but are super high quality and worth a try. I have a friend who is extremely sensitive to fragrance, and she isn't bothered by these at all. Maybe we could do a swap if you end up not liking the one. I think I have a few testers of Tom Fords. Check out Plum Japonais (my all time fav!), noir de noir, cafe rose, and Rive de Ambre. Oh, and I'm myeyebrowsareneutral on Instagram 😀 

  5. Great video! It's ok with me!!

  6. Have a great Vacation!

  7.  I too have such sensitive skin. I would love to try some of the scents, if you do decided to pass them along. I just looked at Olivine website and love how pretty the bottles are.

  8. Vanessa Gutierrez

    I'm super picky with perfumes because they always smell off, will totally check this out. Have you tried any other brands? 

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