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October Favourites | ViviannaDoesMakeup

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  1. Anna– I went back looking at old videos of yours (they're my fave) and I have to say this is my favorite look on you. You look gorgeous! Tutorial using the same products?! 

  2. so, the concealer is?? 

  3. I know I keep saying this but your hair is beautiful this way x

  4. I really like your new haircut :). To be honest, I'm in an inner turmoil right now, should I cut it, should I not… I've been growing out a pixie cut for the past 3 years, so now it's quite long, but i'm afraid if i cut my hair in the slightest, I'll regret it! 

  5. Stephanie Salan

    i don't think you said the name of the concealer! 

  6. Włodzimerz Por

    thiss masacra iss the wundrefull est,mi wife maria ussing thiss masacra, baeufitul thiss man!

  7. Great recommendations! 

  8. Your hair and makeup look stunning in the video! x

  9. Johanna Müller

    I'm always wondering: I only use a powder as a "foundation" not any liquid foundation. Is it still useful/ good looking to use a highlighter (also bronzer/ blush) without "real" foundation?

  10. OtherSideofCool

    haha mixing fragrances that cost fifty quid each for 50ml. 

  11. Christina Richards

    I love The Olive Branch, too! It's true, it's very unisex. 

  12. what's different from her hair?

  13. all the products look amazing on you! love it!

  14. My lips are super dry too. Yuck. Ps. your hair color is beautiful. 

  15. is the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray good to use on the roots? Roots are the only place i need something to lift them up. I have a lot of hair and simply the weight of them is pulling them down, looking flat on top. Please let me know!

  16. Loved this video ! U are amazing anna !!!! 

  17. Magdalena Półtorak

    OMG YOUR HAIR!!!!!!! looks awesome now!

  18. Hmmmmm…. Auto corrector >.< the brand is not reborn although it could be a good name for skincare it's Erborian, they have it at Sephora ;)

  19. Hi gorgeous, the reborn an range has an awesome cc cream, I have been using it exactly like you said and it is working well for me, you may want to give it a try ;)

  20. That plum is a beautiful colour :)

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