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Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein | Fragrance, Cologne, Perfume review

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  1. süper

  2. Here's a great online resource for Calvin Klein Obsession at a very affordable price…..free shipping too!


  3. I hate that this fragrance is pretty hated, as i personally love it. I honestly can say that Calvin Klein Obsession for men, when dried out, it's my favorite scent. I just love cinnamon and vanilla notes. But, as many people interpret it as "old man scent", "outdated", "bad smelling", i don't wear it too much. Usually at home or on activities that don't involve too many people.

  4. where can I get a sample of this without buying a bottle? even if it's just a paper sample.

  5. I  started wearing this while i was in the Philippines in 1986 and still wear it today. Alot of women tell me it smells great. One even told me that is smells different on everyone because of their body chemistry.

    Before this i use to wear Jovan Musk oil and sometimes do again as a standby. I'am ready to buy more Obsession again, be careful, the price is all over the place. One site had a price of $96.00 for 6.7 oz. The best i found right now is $51.94 and that includes shipping and no tax.

  6. Doc, what are your opinions on obsession night for men? 

  7. i'm 14 can i wear this or does it smell too old for me?

  8. Ethan Fisher-Perez

    I was at the bon-ton and I smelled this stuff…smells like toothpaste cinnamon pie. But I couldn't stop smelling. Yummm…cinnamon pie!

  9. TheBeautifulme1985

    This stuff smell like stetson cologne 

  10. I bought a bottle of this in my teens about 1987. I seem to remember the sprayer was incorporated in the cap back then but I might be wrong. 

  11. thank you

  12. wore a lot in college in the mid 90's.  loved it. this, eternity and platinum egoiste were my staples

  13. The smell last really long, although i cant smell it after a while when its on me, people say that i put too much on, and i'd only spray about 3 to 4 sprays , really good 

  14. i smelled a dark obsession paper sample today, its sweet, soft, and pretty nice but not something i would purchase and wear on dates.. i hear it sits really close to the skin and like doc said. it can smell like an old man and off putting. I think this could work for older people on cool nights.

  15. This was the first official cologne that I bought! I was around 14 yrs old.

  16. Nice review – I love the stuff, there again I am 43 at the time of writing this review.
    I was 16 when the scent first came out and did not know what the perfume was until I tried it in my 30's and loved the scent.

  17. I love this fragrance, it's better than smelling like candy!!!!!

  18. Good review Cody ,
    I wish if read this to review the new edition of obsession called Dark Obsession
    And tell us what you think.

  19. I like how the brown skin guys name is shady lmao!!

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