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Nuit d’Issey by Issey Miyake | Fragrance Review

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  1. Please review nuit diissey austral expedition

  2. lol One guy on Fragrantica says that it smells like pepper spray and he uses for self-defence :D

  3. venkatraman raguraman

    I wanted to add to your comment on this fragrance reacting with skin differently. I sprayed one test spray on my wrist (8 hours ago) and for the last three hours, I get a little bit of an ambergris smell. It could be the sweetness, incense, wood and leather mixing together and giving off that impression.
    I have had this illusion whenever sweet smells, resinous smells and spices work together and I would get reminded of cardamon. It is a weird thing, how smell works.

  4. Hi. Do you buy your creed fragrances from eBay?

  5. Great review Cody!

  6. I love the original but this flanker was an instant dislike for me

  7. AGentlemansJourney

    Nice review, Cody. Its a good fragrance but too spicy for me.

  8. nice review

  9. I like this stuff it has a smoky smell

  10. I tried this one while out at the local Macy's.  It's not a bad evening fragrance, but it didn't quite capture my attention. Excellent review.

  11. I was really looking forward to the release of Nuit d'Issey. I was also looking forward to your review on it. 

    My experience with this was terrible…I was asked if i was wearing Pepper Spray…& indeed this is strong stuff.

  12. Hate this stuff. Starts off spicy but within minutes it does down a blah generic smelling clean musky smell. 

  13. ALMOST bought the Femme of this one. Great review, so very pleasant.

  14. I get the bug spray smell from this.

  15. Nuit d'issey is hands down my number 1 compliment getter.  That was the reason why i decided to buy it after using up a sample bottle.  Everytime i wear this scent somebody ask me "what am i wearing?"

  16. This fragrance bores the shit out me. Its the most middle of the road "dark and sweet" balogney cologney generic mall scent, from a usually interesting designer house. imho.

  17. This is definitely my rainy day smell

  18. It kinda reminds me of drakkar noir 

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