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Noir Extreme by Tom Ford | Fragrance Review

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  1. Lol, 3 trains in 10 minutes.

  2. I've been hinting to my wife that i want this for Fathers day…I just made her watch your review…With all of the subliminal programming hopefully i'll get it…LOL

  3. I cant help but feel that the presentation, although nice with the black and gold, looks somewhat dated. Especially with the ribbed lid that kinda reminds me of corduroy.

  4. Great review, Cody! Can u next review the fragrances THE GAME, THE GAME INTENSE, and THE BRILLIANT GAME from the house of Davidoff. I gotta tell u these fragrances are underrated!!! I'd like to hear your thoughts about them.

  5. Have you done a review on Aqua Di Parma?

  6. sweet haircut man

  7. Thank you for being upfront about being sent a bottle. It really means a lot as a viewer to know you're open about disclosure. Great review as always 

  8. Please do a review on Filippo – Giorni Di Caduta

  9. I agree with you 100%. I thought of Noir De Noir immediately when I smelled it but it is very toned down. I love this one but it's just too close to the skin.

  10. Surprised you got this 

  11. John Karlo Dela Cruz

    Nice review! Some reviewers also said that it smells like a toned down version of Tuscan Leather. Do you have any suggestions for a 17 year old from the house of Tom Ford? The only Tom Ford that I have rn is Grey Vetiver.

  12. steven also accepts req on facebook and he is a great guy,he responds to you and talks very nice

  13. complements from strangers really says something. 10 out of 10 for the quality of this review.

  14. Yeah, I think Tom Ford is way overrated given its price. It isn't worth it for an EDT. It should bee within the price range of Thierry Mugler, not Chanel No. 5. I would have given it a 7/10 as it's not anything special like the other bottles in the range.

  15. Dradoc, how've been!? Remember me from the Polo Black review!?

  16. Yes! I was waiting for your review on this. I absolutely love this fragrance even though it's too suttee for some. It's easy on my nose and smells fabulous. 

  17. This Guy is Good letting you know What's up with a fragrance, Also humble added him to my Facebook page and he accepted the invitation, manlovecologne also did, But the rest did not.

  18. Great video.

  19. This is absolutely nuts! I just filmed my review on this today, and I agree with pretty much everything you said! From the performance, to occasions, etc. Excellent review! 

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