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Noir Extreme by Tom Ford Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. The women's version is far better.
    This was basically a weak 1 million or Spicebomb

  2. I just found out about this fragrance today and it sounds absolutely incredible. I love these sweet gourmand types, I have to try this, I HAVE TO.

  3. How many sprays and where, do you do with this one? I think it would be great if you add that to your reviews!

  4. I have the impression that you (and other reviewers in general) are influenced and not giving a proper objective review about fragrances. If you give this scent a score of 10/10 then you are putting this on the same shelve of real masterpieces. I have noticed that if a fragrance is a compliment getter and is being loved by your dear counterpart, that you automaticcaly give it a higher score and therefore it became a subjective score influenced by input of the lady. I think this is a good scent but not an equal scoregrabber like several masterpieces on the market. Also, i am really surprised that this doesn,t get compared with tom ford for men. Please compare the opening of tom ford for men and the mid of noir extreme.

  5. I purchased this fragrance on this review alone. I have no regrets, it's beautiful. But I can't agree that it's unique. The opening reminds me a lot of One Million and a bit of Tobacco Vanille in there too. The dry down reminds me so much and I feel is just about identical to Midnight in Paris' opening. But great review none-the-less! Keep it up, I enjoy your videos as much as I did Robes08's back in the day.

  6. Awesome review! Will buy this fragrance!

  7. Wow is this your cologne collection behind you? Sweet set-up! Also nice hair cut and you look better without the beard imho

  8. damn… Redolessence all grown up n shit… :)

  9. There is a thousand dollars worth of fragrance in the Le Labo shelf alone. 

    You sir have reached what I like to call the Don status. I'm surprised you don't have henchmen watching your back – incredible!

    Good stuff, this TF sounds intriguing. Going to have to give this one a sniff. 


  10. Excellent review!! Very professional .. Thank you??????

  11. OMG your fragrance collection is AWESOME !!!!!

    …& as always, great review & i had been waiting on your take of this gem.

  12. Don't care for TF that much but is that your fragrance shelf at your place?

  13. Brilliant review, and I love the new background.

  14. great review! I really like this too

  15. Love the setup can u pls review bleu de chanel edp and chanel allure homme sport eau extreme? I havent see. Those review n would like to see

  16. That AW Bond No. 9 display behind you is killer. BTW, I'm definitely checking this one out.

  17. Anita Misztalska

    Steven when did you purchased that boutique ? ???

  18. Anita Misztalska

    Se denne video på YouTube:

  19. Steven you're my favourite fragrances reviewer! I love your style of reviewing. 

  20. Blind bought this fragrance after this review and wow I love it….

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