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Noir de Noir by Tom Ford Review! (Rose Month #15)

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  1. i combine noir de noir with Tuscan leather i love it so much. it makes them both so nice. it defenetly makes noir de noir more manly and we all know how manly Tuscan leather is, well with that noir de noir added it just makes it more attractive to women ,leathery rose berry patchouli God it's so good

  2. How many hours did it lasts on your skin?

  3. Reviews was longer with Jair :( poor Dave. Still good to know ur opinion. i'm thinking about buyng Noir. People compair this one to Prada Amber Intense, is it close? Because price on the second one is alot better…

  4. Noir de Noir is my favorite fragrance! 

  5. This is a beautiful scent, it's unisex but it leans more on the feminine side. It's quite masculine if you layer it with Oud Wood, gives it a nice oudy kick.

    In other news I ordered a sample on ebay but the sprayer broke during shipping, so now I gotta use it as a dab on bottle, agh I'm so disappointed lol.

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