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Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume Review !

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  1. I got my boo the small bottle because she don't deserve to smell vanilla-y or boysenberrlly or jasminy or florally or airy

  2. The thing with this fragrance is it gets better
    & when it does, it gets really good.
    Smart thing I guess, cuz now that I have a empty bottle Im really looking forward to a second one
    I got the first 1 for my bday in march
    First time I had Gaga's perfume I didn't really like it too much but Ive had 2 bottles now.
    I won't get a third one too fast I think I got my eye on Daisy (Marc Jacobs) which I had in around 2010/2011, very exquisit outstanding inspiring and fresh smell

  3. no, the 100 ml has a chain, i got it so i know

  4. Excuse me?? this is the perfume the 100 ml??

  5. The sad answer is no. :c i love the scent but it has a very very short life

  6. Thank you!!

  7. Cataleya Hurdalgo

    Does it stay on? I REAAAALLLY want to know.. because I just bought it and might take it back if it doesn't..

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