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Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume Commercial

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  1. Im liken it

  2. love it!!!!!

  3. Aaleyah Brown Montoute

    Good Like it

  4. I love it

  5. Love it

  6. I know right -.-

  7. ^ for crying out loud.
    no she isn't……talking cloths wise, nicki doesn't buy her own cloths, people bring them to her then she chooses if shes comfatable in it, or not….how can she copy gaga if she isn't really choosing what she wears? answer me that.
    now…im a LittleMonster and Im giving respect nicki for what shes doing so far, if your a monster youll know what im talking about…please just stop.

  8. Awesome

  9. it smells sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  10. Nicki is copying lady gaga -_-

  11. Love!❤

  12. Fuck that bitch I hate that perfume it smells like cotton candy and dog shit! I maybe a little monster but nicki is fake and so is her nasty perfume!

  13. Undoi Jet Mainliner

    This commercial is way better than Gaga's Fame commercial. At least, this makes sense, while Gaga's ad made me feel like I'm watching a horror movie.

  14. Pink Friday and Laga's Fame are two completly different things, mainly the fact nickis is better

  15. I looooove u nicki

  16. Nicole Pritchard

    loving it xxxx

  17. MAN I hate this channel I don't want to hear your whiny ass talking a load of shit I just want to see my Nicki Minaj do her thing in her advert ffs SMH!

  18. i love the commercial it's better than lady gaga own lay gaga own was scary to me

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