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Nicki Minaj Onika Perfume Review

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  1. I have this perfume it has a sweet smell to it but I love the bottle shape and its lush x

  2. Attention all perfume lovers, I hereby declare complete fragrance freedom for all!!!  Gender distinctions in fragrance simply boils down to marketing and broadly defined clichés of masculine and feminine scents.  Guys often get the short end of the stick, fragrance-wise.  Typically mainstream perfumes created for women are of higher quality, with a broader palette of ingredients than those created for men. Don't let a label limit your opportunity to smell amazing—wear what you love!

  3. Manuela Gonzalez

    when it will come out?

  4. Pandora neonpink

    your A BOY why do you have all these girl women perfumes

  5. Can you do a video on perfumes that will be coming out around the holidays? I always have my husband get me perfume for Christmas :)

  6. I can't wait to go test this when it comes out! 

  7. I just smelled it last week…

  8. The only least generic perfume Nicki released.

  9. Everyone who wants to know how he got it
    HSN Put Onika For sale On accident. It was on there for a couple of hours , and people saw it and of course bought it.

  10. Yep i got the roller ball it's great i kinda smell strawberry in it or fruit

  11. Can you please please please tell me how do you get your perfumes before they come out?? Do you pay extra? do you get them free? its not fair! :( OniKA isn't out until september :/ & I'm dying for it !!!. i'll give you $250

  12. Did nicki's camp give that to you so you can promote it?

  13. Omg I love your review, btw where did you got it from an how ? 

  14. How is it possible that he got them both the day she announced it like something isn't right here

  15. I love u … where did you get this from

  16. Beautiful review . But can u please tell me how did u get it ?

  17. How did he even get it

  18. do you have also already Britney's new perfume? ;)

  19. Ps love the intro where the "o" flips around

  20. Ohh he he "onika" soo funny 

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