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New Signature Scent Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

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  1. Anna María Ligia

    I wear Chanel 5 for years! My daughter of 16 always say " It smells just like you!

  2. I thought my signature scent was Nez a Nez Immortelle Marilyn. But,now,i don't know. There is quite a competition for my no 1 perfume. I love Noir Epices,Carnal Flower, Encens Mytique d'Orient ,Blackberry and Bay,Iris Prima, Feminite du Bois,Fico di Amalfi, Premier Figuer., Peony and Blush Suede, Mitsouku. Now,i am waiting for Chinatown and Fracas ,to see how i think about them . So,yeah, i think i have a problem-perfume obsession.:))) Oh, i forgot about Alelier Cologne Rendez -Vous (but is so expensive,they just sell the 200 ml bottle .:((( . Jo Malone are very nice colognes. . I love Blackberry and Bay,Pomegranate Noir,Earl Grey and Cucumber, Dark Amber and Ginger Lily, Lime Basil and Mandarin,Peony and blush Suede.

  3. I'm currently into Victoria's Secret Bombshell (citrus type of scent) and previously I wore a scent I initially didn't like but then it grew on me – not sure if this has ever happened to you. But that perfume was Ed Hardy's Love & Luck. It's funny I went to Ulta and sampled it once, didn't like it, went back to work and then I really liked it (almost like it changed). I did this ritual again a second day haha Then on the 3rd day I went back and purchased it. I'm on my 2nd bottle but I'm tired of it now and wearing Bombshell body mist. However, I need a new signature scent.

  4. My current signature scent is Victoria's Secret Heavenly. But blackberry and bay is my favorite.

  5. Isabelle Rininger

    i wear Perry Ellis 360….it changes with my chemistry into something even nicer than originally intended! I get many compliments and would hate to have to replace it. Sadly it has slipped out of department stores and into big box stores. while this is great for price, it means it will go away in the next couple years. I hope to find another love before then. :-)

  6. I agree with you ….JM's Blackberry and Bay scent is wonderful.  It is such a favourite  I have also purchased candles in that scent and the lovely  fragrance permeates throughout my home. Divine !

  7. That's my favourite Jo Malone scent, too!  I also love English Pear & Freesia x

  8. Blackberry and bay is my number one favorite from Jo Malone, but my signature scent is Thierry Mugler "Womanity". 

  9. My favourite Jo Malone is Blackberry and Bay, I like to combine it with Oud and Bergamot from the Jo Malone Intense collection. 
    I collect Jo Malone.

  10. Unfortunately, I'm very sensitive to scents. Two that I can wear on occasion, and really love, are Chanel No. 5 and Calvin Klein Euphoria. Does anyone know of other scents that are good for sensitive noses? ~Dana

  11. I just picked up Blackberry and Bay today and it pairs so nicely with Jo Malone's Vanilla and Anise — it really warms up the scent and makes it perfect for winter!

  12. My parents just went to London and I had them pick up Jo Malone blackberry and bay for me just based off of your recommendation! I love it! Thank u!

  13. My signature scent is Chloe Intense. I love it so much! However I wear once in while so that it stays special to and I do not get tired of it. Other scents that I wear frequently that my friends associate with me are Balenciaga Florabotanica and Juliette Has A Gun Midnight Oud. I love Jo Malone too! My current favorite by them would be their Velvet Rose and Oud. 

  14. Lovely video and I now have the urge to purchase this fragrance!!! It sounds heavenly. Have a Happy New year, Jennifer. Much love, Melissa

  15. What a beautiful choice! I love Jo Malone but they unfortunately don't suit me at all. My signature scent is Diptyque's Ofrésia which has a pepper top note and a single note of freesia. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy florals, especially green florals!

  16. Blackberry and bay is a classic stylish fragrance so see why it suits you Jennifer.Try nectarine blossom and honey, it is magnificent. If any of your viewers are unsure about JM, try and get into a store that sells it and ask for help in "layering" JM staff are the best in the business and for them it's about helping you create your own combination using perfume, crème, bath oil etc etc.not just about the sale! Have fun playing with the fragrances and Jennifer, have a truly wonderful holiday season.

  17. Over the years, I've had my HG scents. Mainly from Chanel & Hermes. I've dabbled in Joe Malone also, grapefruit and a couple of others

  18. Dianne D Ballard

    Thank you for the recommendation. I do not have a signature scent and I am always looking. I do not own Jo Malone because it is not sold in our area and it's so hard to buy scent on line. I need to smell it and love it. Perhaps I will just dive in and take your advice and order this.   BTW, I love getting this bonus video. You tube has been an escape during this hectic holiday week.

  19. I am currently in love with Jo Malone London Rain White Jasmine & Mint!

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