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New Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Ad Unveiled

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  1. hehe "poots" xD

  2. @baal171 she DIDN'T fucking sleep with him

  3. Her eyes,,,her skin,,,her lips,,,ooohhh just perfect!! Beautyful,,beautyful,,beautyful..!!

  4. oh my GOD GUYS! HOP OFF HER DICK SHE DIDN'T FUCK THE GUY! OH AND BY THE WAY SHOULDN'T YOU GUYS BE PICKIN AT RUPERT?! HES THE FUCKING MARRIED ONE! HES THE ONE WITH FUCKING KIDS! IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO! HOP OFF IT HAPPENED THERE PAST IT! NOW LET IT THE FUCK GO! seriously ur letting it run ur fucking lies! you care about it THAT much?! you must love her if she's going through her mind OVER AND OVER AND OVER im a pure twihard and i BEEN past and forgave her! GOD DAMN!

  5. some of you forget that that she didn't actually sleep with Rupert …

  6. And yet she is still getting all the hate rather than the man? HE was the one with the kids and wife. No, they don't deserve all the hate in the world because they are both human and made a mistake. Get over it and stop forcing your dumb morals on people you don't know.

  7. Beautiful photos!!!! I like this look on her, she should adopt it…..

  8. and you're an idiot…

  9. All the haters got jelous..lol!! She will become more amazing/strong/taugh and steady than before related her past. She will teach lessons for that. I much more love Kristen too than before..!!

  10. No breaks, no chance! SHE IS A PIGGG!!!!

  11. -e them (or us i should say) more anger and fuel. I think we would forget about it if people just stopped freaking out about why we are upset at her. I understand she is human… lets give her time to clean her mess.

  12. It's possible that Rupert and her just kissed but I don't think Rupert's wife, Rob, Charlize Theron, or Taylor Lautner would freak if it was just kissing. Also it's being defined as an "affair" which suggests sexual activities. I'm not a total hater but she messed up so I think she needs to gain some of the public's respect back if she wants to be treated like a loved celebrity. Only time can tell if she will be accepted again and until then, I suggest to not hate on her haters, it will only giv

  13. she slept with a man having children is that OK , if not then screw U all kristen supporter.Both are cheaters deserves all the hate in the world

  14. she is heartless

  15. totally divine! she really is extra ordinary,love u kristen!

  16. I guess you are ugly and fat..like a typical kristen stewart haters

  17. angela acheampong

    Still the same, dead, lifeless expression that she always has.

  18. theresamariaagnes

    ewww are you kidding me! she has the same dead unemotional lifeless look. i dont know how shes famous!

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