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NEW DIY’S!!! Chanel “Inspired” Perfume Bottle and Floral Vase

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  1. I love your creations, they are beautiful.

  2. Kelley Grant-Weakley

    so cute! thanks

  3. Am glad I saw your Channel I love your livingroom

  4. Can you please share name or link to where I can purchase the laminated sheet?

  5. Tasheena Jackson

    you are my inspiration so beautiful

  6. So beautiful ! thanks for sharing XXOO

  7. I'm obsessed with your channel, I'm excited to start doing DIYS!!!

  8. Great job Tamela.

  9. love it

  10. Hi I'm new to your channel and LOVING it 😁😁😁, where did you purchase that perfume bottle????

  11. Love this!! I am so going to do this and put it in the guest bathroom!

  12. Really pretty and simple to make

  13. Vase not case lol

  14. I'm gonna do the vase but I'm thinking about adding gold paint to half of the inside of the case to resemble actual perfume 😁. Great vids!

  15. I just saw this on Pinterest. Love it! Will place over my toilet with a candle, etc.

  16. V Loves Stationery & Homeschooling

    this so creative. thanks for sharing!


  18. love love i will be doing this look fabulous you inspire me all the time

  19. Very nice i will try this. great diy

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