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Neutral Cat eye | C.ALLURE

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  1. loved this look…. but girl U killed me…Lol…..U forgot to put mascara on ur right bottom lash….I love ur vids need more

  2. gorgeous & simple !

  3. Absolutely loved this new subbie 👻💅🏼

  4. cHizZLE TizzLe

    you gave me everything i need to see in a makeup tutorial !!!! yes mama….. you got itttt :)

  5. what lashes did you use

  6. Yes yes

  7. Hey beautiful, love your Channel I really want to know where your eyelashes are from?

  8. SOOOOO BOMB!!! What kind of lashes did you use?

  9. Ms. Diane Chante

    Your cat eye is sharp. I LOVE IT! I never thought about using the same application you used to apply it.

  10. What kind of camera do you have?

  11. I just watched every one of your videos and I must say new subbie😋

  12. I love the way you do your make-up.. You're such a beautiful woman!! i would like you to check my channel too ..

  13. Soooo  flipping happy you have a Youtube channel ! im starting soon as well ! xoxo

  14. charmainewayne

    lash tutorial please.

  15. I follow you on Instagram and always loved the way you did your makeup. I'm happy you have a channel now to show us!

  16. Love It! you did amazing job and which one is the primer…

  17. YESSSS <3

  18. Been Waiting Forever For You To Start Youtube 😍😍 , & What Camera Do You Use ?

  19. Love <3

  20. Jaressia Parker

    Eyebrow tutorial next or that purple smokey eye! you did great!

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