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Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford: Fragrance Review / Perfume Review

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  1. kay lady u dont play guitar u dont no! okay…the only thing u plug in is ur vibrator and the only thing u finger is ur cunnie NAWT ur guita –  WHETHER or not ur drinking of me is beyond my comprehensiveness

  2. princesssKary250

    Katie come back!

  3. You're like the Alton Brown for perfume ;)

  4. Katie Puckrick, where did you go???? We miss you!!! Well, I do. Hope you're off enjoying lovely, happy times with your favorite people in your favorite places :-)

  5. Great great review Katie… It's funny you mentioned 4711, because I was thinking the SAME THING!!! You're so bang on in your assessments…. Any other Tom Fords you like other than Amber & Noir De Noir!?!?

  6. Finally! I've been waiting for you to review this, I'm torn between this and Alien for my next addition to my collection. 

  7. I'm selling a 50mL bottle of neroli portofino that's 90% full.  PM if interested!
     USA only!

  8. Hi Katie, have you ever tried a perfume called "Essence Sacrée Elle" by Majda Bekkali? I was very intrigued by the description of this perfumerand by the bottle too that looks like a stone. I'd really appreciate a review of this, if you know thi perfume. Thanks! :)

  9. Hi Katie could you do a review of Turquatic by MAC?

  10. I love this fragrance so much

  11. Katie please…. Tom Ford Plum Japanais… For both? ?

  12. What? I'm so jealous. I love the scent, but it didn't last for more than 10 seconds on me. :(

  13. Classiest meaning most fleeting?Thats my take on it. I really wish this projected better and lasted longer on me. Kinda reminds me of a game we would play as a kid, 5 minutes in heaven. Best thing going for those 5 minutes but afterward its just a very nice memory.

  14. Katie, I used to love Ralph Lauren's "Hot", they don't make it anymore, could you recommend sometging similar? 

  15. Madhumanti Naskar

    Ur so animated"….

  16. God! How refreshing it is to see enlightening, entertaining reviews –and that are less than 20 minutes. I get so tired of hearing (seeing)  reviews that sound like they were written by Kafka. 

  17. Katie, would you consider doing a review of either the "Replica" fragrances by Margiela or the newish NUXE Prodigieux le Parfum?  I'm interested in investing in a really "beachy" gourmand scent this summer.

  18. TheBerrylicious33

    I love your reviews and really trust your opinion. Could you please review Bottega Veneta EdP? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

  19. I agree 100%, even Azure Lime is terrific…the oud fragrances got a bit too ritual incense in my humble opinion..need your review of Tom Ford Tuscan leather, coz I am not sure what ladies feel about it, I personally am not a great fan of leather, but I do like them a bit smoky..like an Angel Men dry down….I'd like to hear ladies opinion on this :D

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