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My TOP 5 PERFUMES | Why I like them! Sally Jo

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  1. I definitely agree on the buying sizes,I had a bad habit of it myself.
    so I actually started buying second hand bottles that were half way gone or just sticking to one ounces,that way I know I'll finish them

  2. My favourites at the moment are Gucci II, Chloe by Chloe, and Jimmy Choo!

  3. I bought the Elizabeth Arden Always Red but I didn't notice that it was an eau de toilette because it smelled so good I didn't think twice…so I got frustrated because it's probably not as strong as an eau de perfume…but when you said that it's as strong as an eau de perfume..I felt such a relief haha..but gonna try it out to see how long it would last.

  4. My top 3 are; Womanity, Christina Aguilera original and Coolwater

  5. You have this slight South African or British accent haha guessing you're from Europe originally?

  6. my all time favourites are Beyonce – Heat and Hugo Boss – Orange ♥

  7. Victoria Harris xx

    I love flowerbomb but it's a bit pricey, if anyone knows of something similar please let me know 😻

  8. always red smells really similar to giorgio armani 'Si', i just smelt it and bout red door today because of this vid, it's amazing! thank you for the recommendation!

  9. Dior red poison holyy molyyy 😍🙏🏼

  10. Stephanie Albright

    My favorite of all time is Gucci Premiere it's so yummy but I've recently gotten into Marc Jacobs Daisy Forever I think is what it's called, I usually can't do Daisy in any variation because super sweet or floral smells like baby puke on me but this is the newest one and it's sweet but not overly sweet so I can actually use it and I love it.

  11. Prada candy is my fave!!! The price kills me though :(

  12. Flowerbomb is my favourite, I have Elizabeth Arden untold which is a nice musky one and Kitty by Katy Perry, so fresh smelling which I love!!

  13. I love Black Opium by YSL…!!! I've been using it for a few months now and its my new favorite perfume… Plus i've gotten so many compliments on it…!!

  14. Love love love love this eye look, and you 😘😘

  15. Katy Perrys Miaow & Jessica Simpsons Fancy is what i always always always wear

  16. Thanks Sally for the review ESPECIALLY when it came to Black Opium. I wasn't really sure about it because of the original Opium? I did not like that one lol and I just assumed Black Opium smelt the same :)

  17. I love Insolence Eau de Parfum by Guerlain.

  18. Britanny spears believe

  19. I love the Alien perfume so so much! I have ran out and it disheartens me 😓💔 but I also love the coco mademoiselle perfume too! 😁

  20. Black Opium is my number one fave! 😍 But Justin Bieber scents are amazing too! Jo Malone perfumes
    Are gorgeous too! ☺️

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