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My Top 5 Men’s Fragrance

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  1. Dior Homme "perfume version", Channel Allure, Channel Pour Monsieur, Hugo Boss Night, YSL L'Homme ;^)

  2. Escape is only the one i always like to stick with.
    Its alltime great no matter summer or winter no matter morning or evening. The light sent which feels alive and believe me it effects great on girls. Lol

  3. YSL' L'homme smells amazing for the summer but it's longevity and sillage isn't really the best.
    I find the Allure Homme Sport Eux Extreme version A LOT better than the normal one, however it has a harsh smell (like the normal one, but not as peppery) during the first 30 minutes then after that it just smells fantastic and has a sweeter and gentle vibe to it compared the the original one.

  4. Acqua Attiva by Collistar

  5. Terre by Hermes, Fahrenheit by Dior, Cuore di Pepe Nero by Erbario Toscano

  6. Davidoff: Cool Water & Hugo Boss: Hugo (green box been around for a while) have been my favourites. I tried going out of my comfort zone, but I did not like Joop: Jump or CK: One. I am thinking of getting the new Mercedez Benz parfum for men, not sure how good it is. Came on here for ideas. After watching the video, I am going to risk it and get the YSL L'Homme.

  7. my favorits

  8. it is Creed Erolfa not Creed Arolfa

  9. I like CH Carolina Herrera Men and the AHS you have…You want a wild try ,have a go at Aspen by Coty ,way too expensive for most people,,jokin really,,but it is a hit or miss,…Strong on top but the dry down is pretty good….Woody pine green citrus scent.

  10. ‫رواد الحب‬‎


  11. Familia Apartament

    i like more this one: "Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo"

  12. Very nice review!  Thank you!  My dear you have a really cool accent!!!

  13. فديت العطر والي حامله

  14. Real classy. You def do your reviews in style and I like that.

  15. George Charalambous

    L'homme? La nuit de'l homme is better

  16. I love the accent , you could have reviewed top 5 can openers, it would sound good. 

  17. Sam you are sexy!

  18. hey guys please help me! I want to choose a good perfume for myself but I don't really want to go to a store and test all of them and then end up buying an overpriced one. Instead of that I want to test them at home without being pushed like some people who work in stores do – they almost force you to buy something from them. I remember long time ago my mother brought some catalogue with the name of the perfumes and a paper next to the names of the perfumes was impregnated with perfume so you could rub it and smell it. Any ideas what kind of catalogue could it be? I tried to google it but all I find is perfume sample bottles and stuff like that, but not a catalogue….So i'm looking for something like perfume sample papers with the name of the perfumes…Any Ideas guys? please help!!!!

  19. Nice video, What do you think of YSL L'homme longevity? is it floral ?

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