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My Top 3 Spring Fragrance Scents

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  1. You should try it! It's almost Godly! lol. You too!

  2. Guess it's somehow sweet or spring fresh then! Thanks for the tip and I'll try it when I visit SaSa :)

  3. Couldn't wait to try it on as you ladies are loving it! LOL
    Thanks for comment and have a nice day! <3

  4. Really? Haven't tried on Desire Red before, will get a sniff soon :)
    Thanks for comment! Have a nice day! <3

  5. Desire Red was and still is my fav!

  6. aaaah ♥ miss dior cherie l'eau has a great longevity on me! And I don't have oily skin, just normal skin. I love it. Definitely in my top 5 scents :)

  7. @1reydeoros

    Yes, Desire Blue is so fresh yet delicate with a little bit masculine,

    nothing too much, just perfect. :)

    I'm so glad you like it! And thank you for your comment! <3

  8. desire blue is the best perfume ever

  9. @akamahyar Sure, it's very fresh aquatic-ish blue with a clean citrus opening, plus it's been made as a male fragrance, so I will say just go for it. =)

  10. @butterfly13artist
    Yes I've heard about that too! =)
    Actually it happens a lot, even on different brands!
    But not everyone knows about this, thank you for bring this up, you smart sweetie! =)

    xoxo FiFi.

  11. butterfly13artist

    @sigourney523 I didn t try it yet…but I will do so,once I have a chance:) Now I am going to buy cherie (the edp because the edt cherie is fresher ….I thought that it is just lighter but the edp cherie is completly different from the edt,which is not sweet )

  12. @butterfly13artist
    Yes, I think the classic one is a sweeter version and is good for summer time. =)
    I picked this L'eau for Spring though as it's lighter and greener,
    hope you'll love it too. =)

  13. butterfly13artist

    I love the classic sweet miss dior cherie :)

  14. @mimlmamnma Yea I love it so much, I wish it's longevity is better though. =)

  15. miss dior cherie l'eau!!! <3 😀

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