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My top 3 MUST HAVE Perfumes ♡ Webcam Wednesday

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  1. I love black opium

  2. can you please talk faster. u look like u're on drugs

  3. Elie saab
    Gucci by Gucci

  4. andrea parrish (andi)

    I am the same ..I usually wear Niche scents but I have a few that a lot of girls own. I especially hate cheap fruity scents! I LOVE Byredo Blanche and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle <3

  5. Hi my name is Jessica and I am a perfume addict! Hands down. Lol

    I absolutely love all Marc Jacobs perfumes but mostly love Daisy.

    Ralph Lauren – Romance

    Paco Robane – Million lady! This smells so fancy! Literally the name says it all.

    Cheapest one but so yummy!
    Davidoff – Cool water
    Smells like summer to me. 😉

    Sorry I'm late lol, just started to follow you recently. I was following your other account and the. Stopped and now I'm obsessed with your tutorials. And I don't even wear make up as much.


  6. Flowerbomb, Viva La Juicy, and Prada Candy. I also have a love/hate relationship with the Selena Gomez perfume because it smells SO good, but the bottle is so tacky, and it doesn't last more than an hour on my skin. The actual scent of it though is so incredibly amazing and unique though.

  7. Xoxo mi amore (bought from perfumania) and fancy by Jessica Simpson. I can wear this anytime of the year and it smells sooo good. They both are like jasmine and vanilla scents but the fancy smells fancier (no pun intended) than the xoxo mi amore. If you buy it I recommend the fancy because it lasts a long time and you don't need to spray much for the smell to last. Like 2-3 sprays at the pressure points are good

  8. All three of these purfumes are my ALL TIME favorite perfumes and in that exact order too! I love love love to wear flower bomb for date nights and when I'm going out with the girls. Poppy has been a favorite of mine for about 5years and still smells amazing every time I wear it. And viva la juicy is my traveling purfume haha girl I keep my roll on with me at all times for touch ups. Mixing poppy and viva la juicy together is a really good mix. Well for me anyways..

  9. I love your hair ❤️

  10. Haha I definitely love the scent of Coach Poppy ^^ It's amazing!!

  11. i Love your FACE So much! 
    guess now you are gonna hate it 😉

    great taste in perfumes :)) 
    my favs : Night by Victoria's secret 
    and Ck in2u ( but doesn't  last long at all!!)

  12. gorgio armani's SI

  13. The last two my faves also , hands down

  14. You look so pretty!

  15. Trésor by Lancôme. Dolce and Gabbana's The One Desire. Katy Perry Royal Revolution, Vera Wang Be Jeweled, Dot by Marc Jacobs…. x Go on Fragrantica as there is a tonne of helpful information on there.

  16. You're too cute. Thanks for the advance. I'm off to macy's!! loll.

  17. Coach poppy smells like sour must on me ? Idk why ? But the viva la juicy smells amazing on me . My favorite perfume over all though is paco robanne lady million . I get so many compliments when i wear it . 

  18. I am about to buy Coach Poppy…I have never smelled it but you have convinced me lol

  19. Hi! Awesome video killer tattoos btw (:
    Well I'm looking for a good perfume for my mom and that manifesto by Yves Saint Laurent.. any feedback on it will totally help!!

    Thank You& God Bless

  20. You're hot 

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