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  1. Oh, by the way, I am creating a new fragrance tag on my channel soon, so I wonder if you mind me tagging you?!

  2. Don't tell me you have not tried Dior Feve Delicieuse!! That is the real deal :) Thank you for sharing your picks!

  3. Dior Addict & Chanel Chance are truly classics at this point.

  4. Bravo! Well I have to get that YSL Opium Pour Homme parfume … A MUST. So enjoyed this. YOU KNOW what my favorites are. I have to say Bois d'Agent grew on me since I wore it on the Mexican Riviera…brought it out beautifully on my skin in the humid jungle heat. Damn it I am going to GET Sycamore …and that is an end to it. again Bravo.

  5. Speaking of perfumes, did you use up all of the moschino toy?

  6. Dacob what do think on Fred Perry?

  7. The Polyester Pimp

    Dacob. What laundry detergent smells best?

  8. how many sprays do you typically wear??

  9. DDDdd xoxoxoxoxo.thank you for the video and for being you. loved it all and the necklace…big hug

  10. Mutual love for Sycomore! X

  11. I remember the video it was Dior addict 2014 EDP reformulation review, incase you want to add it to the info card box. That was sweet of you to make a video for your subscriber. I remember because I was one of the other's who tumbed up their comment :) look at me being all teacher's pet and stuff lol.

  12. Jordan MacDonald

    Great video as always, Dacob! I haven't smelt Sycamore but I have Encre Noire by Lalique and supposedly they are similar according to Fragrantica. I love Lalique's fragrances. Such care in the glass and packaging, and the price online is really cheap. Talk about cheapies but a goodies. Anyway, I was wondering what your skincare routine was because you have such beautiful skin; you've probably already made a video on it but I can't look for it now ask I am getting ready to go to class. I just bought a ton of Korean and Japanese skin care products from Amazon so I'm hoping it works out for me. There are so many steps to follow though! Way more than cleanse, exfoliate/tone, and moisturize. Have a good rest of your day! :D

  13. can u do a niche version?

  14. Michelle aka constantconnie

    Great topic ! love the choker . Have a great day Dacob :)

  15. Thushara Vithanage

    Chanel galore

  16. Have you tried Tom Ford's Black Orchid? I'm loving it!!

  17. LOVE your fragrance picks! The necklace is awesome!

    I'll be wearing a lot of L'artisan Safran Troublant, Byredo La Tulipe, Bvlgari Au Thé Rouge, and so many others this Spring!


  19. Loving seeing you wearing HERMÉS Kelly Double tour as a necklace it looks so STUNNING on you. Have a Fantastic day. 😉😘😍

  20. That Kelly necklace is just gorgeous ugh. My spring/summer 2016 lineup is still building up since I'm waiting for a lot of deliveries. A few Chanel's, Dior's and YSL's for sure. Also I would love to add Sycomore and a full bottle of Carnal Flower to my collection. I would like to hear your opinion on Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle if you have tried it.

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