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My Top 10 Fragrances

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  1. great taste!

  2. those fragrances aren't something i would like to smell on a women – check my channel for real advice

  3. All ur performs are more than great
    My favorite is tom ford

  4. We have the exact taste in perfume,  in fact I have 7 of the 10 you show here…..

  5. Oh wait then you said autum

  6. You said fall isn't fall American Australians say autum

  7. Gustavo Adolfo Perez Rojas

    So sorry, guys we hate Coco Chanel. That is a fragance that just women understand. If you have a first date, never, never, never use it!

  8. Love your top ten. They are right up my street. I also love love the original coco. Such a classical noble scent. (Coco ma demoiselle is so blah and everyone and their grandmother wears it). I trust your taste and because of you I am going to try guerlain insolence and chanel allure. Thanks for the vid. Xxx

  9. Omg gio. …. my all time fave….. It is available but for the extortionate prices I would never be able to afford it!!! I've always been on the search for dupes and giorgio Beverly Hills wings came pretty close but left a sickening aftermath….. I wish wish wish they would bring this masterpiece back!!!

  10. Omg ! Rush and stock up on Insolence because they are discontinuing it 😕

  11. As a bloke I always love Samsara on a women, it is beautiful. this is a gourmand frag in MHO,

  12. you should try Nina Ricci – Premier Jour, Vanitas by Versace , Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder and Chloe EDP :):)

  13. beside you smelling good you look gorgy #my  type of woman 

  14. I love that you don't have Daisy, Juicy Couture, or Coco Mademoiselle. Thank god! So many of these videos can be so similar- Thank you! 

  15. Hi, Gio can be brought in Europe still.  Austria or Paris was my last buys.

  16. You and your reviews are nothing but gorgeous! Thank you for being there for us. I love Body by Burberry. 

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