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My Purse/Handbag Collection 2014

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  1. Shweta Choudhary

    omg 😱
    u look like robbed one of the Hand Bag's shop
    nice collection 👌

  2. cyberika inetstation

    awesame collection

  3. Ritu Roy Chowdhary

    awesome video

  4. Omg Shruti..How come u got so many Michael Kors handbags..they are so expensive here in US.


    very nice collection ma'am !

  6. You should buy some handbags from Charming Charlie, they are always cheap and they have lots of colors and they look like the MK bags

  7. oOoOohhh my God … All the bags are So nice … great taste shruti … 👍

  8. ooooooohhhhh my god u hv lots of hand bags

  9. and ur pretty

  10. l love hand bag too.

  11. loved all ur collection

  12. m ur fan i respect u i luv all ur videos but still i dont undrstnd y is ur accent like dat

  13. I am like you, I buy name brand goods but will never pay full price for it.  I shop Dillard's, Ross, and Macy's for 65% or 75% off.  I get so excited and happy when I find something that I love for really cheap.  Your husband has great taste in hand bags.  You have a lot of quality hand bags for great prices.  You  are also a smart shopper.  Happy shopping.

  14. Gud collection. Lyked it

  15. Shruti Arivazhagan

    I like a forever 21 tote bag the most

  16. WOW!! You have some beautiful bags!!  Very nice!

  17. Sorry !! Liked none of them. Poor taste in bag

  18. Loved the handbag vlog 


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