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  1. Ah Rive Gauche!!!!! I wore this all throughout the 70's! Fragrance brings back such memories doesn't it? That's one reason why it's so marvelous! I also have worn for much of my college years, ZEN by Shiseido in the black cylinder bottle! Heaven! Sali, have you smelled Hermes L'Jour de Absolu???? What is this family? I love learning about the top notes, bottom notes of fragrances! Sali: since Jasmine is my favorite flower, tell me, do you know of a beautiful fragrance comprised of Jasmine notes????? I used to wear Love's Musky Jasmine scent growing up….remember this???? I think it was my first ever fragrance when I was about 12. Then in Paris, I bought Paco Rabanne, my first "real" perfume.

  2. Hi Sali, I'm a new-ish subscriber and working my way through your video library. I loved this video; I'm also a fan of chypre (when I'm feeling very brave, I wear Mitsouko – not for the faint of heart that one) as well as fresh/aromatic/clean/green/woods. I myself am not a No. 5 person, but No. 19 is an absolute staple for me. I've also really enjoyed layering JM's Lime Basil & Mandarin on top of JM's Oud & Bergamot. Love Chanel's Sycomore, L'eau de Chloe, and I've been recently testing out the new 'Commodity' fragrances (I've tried Book, Moss, Rain, and Gold and love them all). I'll be putting the YSL Rive Gauche, Frederic Malle, and Roja Dove Vetiver on my list!

  3. Amazing collection! I myself am obsessed with fragrances, but my absolute favourite is Chanel Allure! Not the most popular scent, but it smells very seductive and expensive. And of course Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt! Aqua Di Parma has amazing scents as well! Thank you for the video.

  4. Such a lovely collection. I adore Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille, Guerlain Dahlia Divin and La Prairie Midnight Rain. I have just discovered Shay and Blue though, I had a sample of Blood Oranges which I loved so much I ordered and took a chance on Salt Caramel which is now an obsession. I wore Angel in my 20's until it seemed everyone did and it always smelled the same.

  5. adore this video; watched it multiple times. where does one study perfumery? 
    p.s. my guilty pleasure is D&G light blue… probably in the category of toilet cleaner scents 😉 but it's awfully nice on beach days.

  6. Hi I just recently started watching your videos and I love them 💜💜 I am a Christian Dior fan and I love J'adore Dior, Hypnotic Poison and Miss Dior 😊😊 I also love Modern Muse and sensuous by Estée Lauder and I also love Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo. If I have lipstick and scent on I feel set for the day xx

  7. Hello Sali… I love watching your channel and love your comments recommendation advise. They are very handy and truly useful.
    As for perfumes, I am love Chanel… Coco and Coco mademoiselle  of course # 5 but I prefer eau premiere I find it more gentle
    Black magic by Lancôme (discontinued) in US I do not know about Europe
    Paloma Picasso (red one)
    In more recent ones I do like Jour d'hermes
    Burberry (classic one)
    Joe Malone lovely smell in many of them…
    LOVE perfumes. I agree it is a true and mostly affordable luxury. I do not leave house without one! xx

  8. Oh I can't understand how I have missed your channel for so long! I would love some of the scents on your mantle piece.
    I am a bit all over the map with fragrances. My most used daytime scent is one that most ppl see as an evening scent. Narcisso Rodriguez For Her edp. Can't get enough of that scent. Night time I often use Guerlain Sharlimar or Fredick Malle Musc Ravageur. My most treasured scent that is just barley "smellable" in a small decant bottle is Serge Lutens Iris Pallida. I would really really want to get my hands on a bottle of that scent and I'm so sad that it's no longer available, not for everyone but it's the most beautiful iris. Chanel no 19 I use sometimes and it makes me think of my grand mother that has not been with us for many years. Unlike you I really like some overly sweet scents. Lolita Lempicka "L" is one old fave, also Bond no 9 Nuits de Noho. I also enjoy wearing Agent Provocateur the original one, a "somewhat sour slutty rose" :)
    I have now watched at least 10 of your videos back to back… it's 4 am in Sweden – good thing I'm on vacation from work – so I can keep watching more when I wake up tomorrow!

  9. ALittleDominique

    Perfume obsessives who find themselves in New York NEED to get to Aedes De Venustas (on Christopher Street in the West Village) and MiN (on Crosby Street in SoHo). Both these beautiful, dark, magical little stores are chockablock with gorgeous, glimering bottles of hard-to-find specialty fragrance. Just went to Aedes de Venustas for the first time yesterday and it was SUCH a treat (and across the street from Bigelow Pharmacy, which also has an impressive niche fragrance selection).

  10. I absolutely love this video…keep re-watching as im obsessed with fragrace too! Roja is definitely next on my list x

  11. Another chypre fan. Am surprised you don't have chanel 19. This collection is more at the floral / citrus / powdery end of chypre. I do hope YSL never discontinue Rive Gauche; it is timeless and classy unlike the new and horrid Black Opium. Hard to believe they are from the same house.

  12. Xdisj

  13. Chanel Chance is my signature perfume.That smell gives me life.

  14. Do you ever layer your perfumes? It's a concept that's always been interesting to me but I've never been sure where to begin. Or, say you're leaving your house in the morning but going straight to dinner later; what daytime scent would you put on, and which would you throw in your handbag for the evening? Loved this video, thanks!

  15. The way you speak so passionately and excitedly about fragrances is heartwarming.

  16. ThatBritish AsianGuy

    Tesco branded deodorant for me xD

  17. I bought Tom ford cafe rose for my birthday. Nope no compliment. Only alien!

  18. I am so sad. I love perfume but the only perfumes I have been stopped on the street, complimented on has been Thierry Muglers Alien. Even Chanel No5, no compliment. So now I am stuck with that 1 perfume. Though alien is the one perfume I can not smell on me.

  19. Fredrick Malle is a new favourite of mine, I got a sample of lipstick rose and it was transcendant. I now have a small bottle and whenever I go to work wearing it I see the same look on women's faces I got when I first smelled it. It's like my memories of smelling my mother's red lipstick as a child mixed with violets..beautiful.

  20. Hello! I just discovered your channel and i am also so obsessed with perfume. Some of my favorites are Dyptique – Phylosykos, Eau Duelle, Bruno Acampora – Musc, Creed – Bleecker st., Tom Fords Santal Blush (I am crazy about this scent which is so mis-understood by many….just a dab goes a long way. I visited a friend a few months back in Florida and I spayed a cotton ball, placed it in my toiletry bag, it smelled in the entire room i stayed in and my friend asked what fragrance i brought with me cause it lingered after i left.)

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