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My Perfume Collection

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  1. I have Taylor Swift's perfume , it's beautiful 

  2. I love Elizabeth and James the white one not the black one so much….. and I also love weirdly, Lucky no. 6. I also like the Beyonce Heat, I've gotten so many compliments! Also, Miss Dior.

  3. I love VS Sexy Little Things! I remember when the bottles used to purr and whistle. You should try the new VS Eau So Sexy, it's my new obsession.

  4. So this is what heaven looks like :O Omg i want everything i just found your channel your super beautiful xx
    New subbie 

  5. I absolutely love your collection. I enjoyed your stories. It makes the video much more interesting. I have the Sexy Little Things Fragrance and it is the one that purred. I had it in high school and it eventually stopped purring. Haha. You should try J'adore L'absolu from Dior. I tried it while I was backpacking in France and I fell in love. Very romantic. Even better than J'adore. Again, loved the video. You're super! Instantly subscribed. =]

  6. Ur fellow Bostonian here !!! If u like citrus scents u should try Prescriptives by Calynx! I promise you will love it!! Its a grapefruit type citrusy scent awesome for summer!!

  7. I love bees too for some reason.  Nice collection

  8. Chloe is on my wish list too. = )

  9. I'm pretty much obsessed with perfume too (I'll make a collection video some day lol)… This was so enjoyable- I like your swag/style. Definitely subscribing.

  10. lovely perfume collection love your hair did you ombre it? I subscribed by the way xo 

  11. Angelica Di Guglielmo MUA

    Stumbled upon your channel and I noticed it's a smaller channel like mine so I just thought I'd show some support and subscribe! I'd love if you could check out my channel, too! I post lots of makeup tutorials :)

  12. You are stuuunning , seriously giirl u rock and your TATTOOS OMG! SO damn pretty , ur perfume collection is great too (y) 

  13. Nice channel, mind subbing to my channel and rate, comment my vids? Email me at yeungnaomi@yahoo.com.sg if you are interested in collab. Feature my channel on your youtube channel first and then we can do a video over skype or I can submit in half of the video and you submit in half ? And we can create a google folder to organize all our raw films then start editing with the same video editing software.

  14. You have an amazing perfume collection!!!! :D

  15. Really Enjoyed this Video! I subbed <3
    Hopefully you can Subb Back ! XOXO

  16. I love the Marc Jacobs perfumes! Great collection!?

  17. great video girl! love your channel! Would love if you could check out my channel and hopefully subscribe ? ( : Keep up the good work!
    I wish i had that many perfumes!!!!!! 

  18. You are really pretty! I love all of them! I hope you could sub back! 

  19. OMG how can one have sooooooo many perfumes??!!! LOOL 

  20. I LOVE Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'! great video!

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