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My Perfume Collection (part 1)

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  1. Hej :) so refreshing to hear a review that doesn't begin with "I'm terrible at describing perfumes, but here I go anyway"

  2. It`s all  Cool.

  3. You have a great collection! I like many of those myself. Truffle smells earthy…if that makes sense.

  4. are most of your perfumes in 50ml or 100ml?

  5. I'm instantly obsessed with you 

  6. I love when you talk about perfumes! It's rare to find someone that knows how to explain their scent well. Really good videos, I'm loving them, congrats.

  7. Glamazon Beauty Lounge

    Love your selection, i will try dome of those scents.

  8. adriangs-t parada

    Top 10 in my opinion coco chanel, crystal noir by versace, just caballi, gucci premiere, d dolce gabbana, jadore dior,eternity by ck, miss dior, prada,and narciso rodriguez, but i love that versace crystal ..love it…

  9. You're Gorgeous 

  10. I loved your perfumes collection and quickly review of them. Now i must confess it's so irresistible your collection that i'll do the best to check some of these perfumes i've not smelled yet ☺
    Some of my favorites perfumes are Gucci Pour Homme II; Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci, CK One (to routines in morning and hot days, use a lot cause i live in Belem a city from Brazil and it's hot and wet weather lol); Mandarin Flora by Gucci and
    ME by Lanvin.

    P.S You're so lovely and cute, now you have more one subscriber. ?

  11. Francesca Ordanza

    FINALLY a perfume collection from someone who loves gardenias

  12. Best collection video!! I'm going to check out Guerlain Herba Fresca! My favorite perfume is either Chanel Chance eau Tendre or eau Fraiche. Love them both :)

  13. I got Kenzo Amour because of this video review of it.  And I absolutely love it. Thank you for a great set of videos! =)
    My favorite perfume right now would have to be Chance Eau Tendre. So easy to wear.

  14. Jacklynne Lambino

    UMA THURMAN in Pulp Fiction, is that you??? LOL

  15. Szymon Tomaszewski

    You are very beautiful

  16. Classy perfumes from a classy gal! You are the real deal! Thanks for the review

  17. Please please do a video on updated perfume collection! I think we both decline towards similar scent of perfume. U describe these perfume beautifully. Totally on point! xx

  18. Where can you get the dab on chanel pleaseeee 

  19. Heajin-Hailie Kim

    awh, the new miss dior cherie isn't that bad :) i'm saving up to get that one

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