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My Perfume Collection & My Top Favorites!

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  1. Girl! I just sat and watch this entire video and paid attention to every details of what you had to say. I am perfume junkie as well and THIS HERE collection is BOMB. Your ganna make me go broke lol. I have a few of the ones you've mentioned here and I am ganna get more. You've just gained one more subscriber 😜

  2. We own the same necklace 😊

  3. you should purchase "Alien" by Thierry Mugler. The most dramatic and long lasting parfume for woman. You'll gonna love it or hate it!

  4. Such an interesting video and very well done! Not sure which one I want to buy because you make them all sound heavenly!

  5. Hi Kathleen! You can find Gucci by Gucci and Gucci II On FragranceNet.com. They always have 25% discount.

  6. You should try "far away" from avon, not sure if that company exist in the usa, but giiirl i like the same perfumes than you and that one is gold!

  7. just when you said that youre second favorite perfume was flowerbomb..i automaticly hit the like button lollll. this smell is SOOOOOOO gawjawwsss

  8. Not sure if you'll see this comment or not but I just saw Miami Glow on Groupon for $32.99 and thought I'd let you know since I remember you mentioning it as one of your favorites :)

  9. my all time favorite perfume is leau par kenzo by kenzo..there's just something about that scent that's a good mix of floral, and modern clean…gone through around four to five bottles since way back already …also Gap Dream…these two perfumes both get compliments from everyone and i can wear it to whatever occassion be it casual or formal :)

  10. looooooooove gucci II! my favourate perfume ever!

  11. I actually tried Moon Sparkly and omg AMAZING. I tried other Escada perfumes but this one is by far the best.

  12. You crack me up… When you sing and dance it is comedy! Love!!!

  13. Beautyiswhatumakeit

    Betsy Johnson Too

  14. María José Acosta Campos

    My favorite video! ♥

  15. bonbon is in french

  16. Gorgeous eyes Katheleen, Love it, love it , love it sooooooo much! Just give a try to Harvey Prince collection. They have extraordinary fragrances for we girls & I tried some of them. All are brilliant.

  17. bonbon is my favourite 💟

  18. I loved your video and all your perfumes! Cheers from Brazil. :)

  19. Hey missie kathleen. I just love Gucci by Gucci as well. I work at sephora in France and I have as many if not more perfumes than you. And most of mine are similar to you. You have nice tastes. Seems like we have common tastes. Maybe you should try the Chloe the first one

  20. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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