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My Perfume Collection! Marc Jacobs, Victoria Secret, Maroussia + More

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  1. which one is your favorite? i'm planning to purchase a few so let me know if you get a chance to see my comment! :)

  2. ruethai phongsri

    I love victoria secret I have the fabulous one

  3. I luv luv luv Victoria secret perfume you have such good taste in perfumes

  4. I wish I had your perfume collection

  5. I liked ur video! Buuut…. Maybe u should describe Wat it smells like so the video would be more interesting and fun!

  6. Which one is the sweetest? I'm looking for a new perfume and I would love to know your opinion!"! 😀 ^^ <3

  7. The Marc Jacobs perfume is my favorite!!

  8. Perfume is super expensive, so you must really like it lol! Ive wanted to try daisy for a while but I havent heard of any of the others!

  9. Ana´s Randomly Random Channel

    All the perfumes bottles were adorable !!

  10. Omfg Marc Jacobs is my all time fav perfume. It smells soooo good and i love the bottle it comes in. And i love the daisy one also (i forgot what it was called)

  11. Dam girl you have great perfumes! Share 😘 ily

  12. Lovely collection! Lucky you!

  13. Why haven't you posted any more vids girl? :( Hope to see you post more missy! That Kylie perfume is one of my favorites! I have a channel too if you wanna come check it out :D

  14. I think I'm the only person who hasn't tried a Marc Jacobs perfume. :) I think I'm going to have to go now & try it out.

  15. I'm jealous of you I already finshed my Marc Jacobs perfume >.<

  16. Elizabeth Martinez

    Such a pretty and lovely collection. Have you tried the juicy couture perfumes?

  17. I never tried VS perfumes, i think i should get one

  18. Anila Prestreshi

    I love Marc Jacobs too especially the bottles some of them are kind of fancy..you can try Coco Chanel Mademoiselle or Cartier these to are my favorite..and girl you have lots of parfumes👏👍👌

  19. I love ur videos u have a nice voice 

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