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My Perfume Collection | Laura Black

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  1. todos lo perfumes me gustan por que bulen bonito y si bulen bien 

  2. have u tried PINK SUGAR?

  3. Hi from NZ,yay I like how you don't drag the chain on your vids and your straight in there,will subscribe for sure x

  4. have you ever tried Versace bright crystal?? It's really great:)

  5. Can someone please tell me the price on Paris Hilton south beach 3.4 oz perfume

  6. Which perfume do u think I should get. Meow by katy perry pulse by Beyonce or island fanasty by britney spears. plus nice video

  7. Your welcome 

  8. I also love ur videos

  9. Love you xx

  10. my favourite id mark jacobs daisy its so lovely xxxx

  11. Your holding beyonce pulse upside down

  12. Random Rainbow Stuff

    All your bottles are like mini and small. Except like the flowerbomb, daisy eau so fresh, and viva la juicy. But I guess that you don't really get through perfume that fast.

  13. Omg you are so cute! 

  14. Daisy is my absolute favorite perfume ever, I've probably repurchased it four times by now.

  15. Lady gaga fame
    Katy perry purr
    Britney spears fantasy

  16. we both have fantasy & midnight fantasy  . I have a lot of britney spears and gwen stefani

  17. My favorite perfume at the moment is Ange ou Demon by Givenchy, but u can see more of my faves in My Perfume Collection video =) Enjoy!

  18. i really like this video, im glad i found it, i just recently started doing my own videos too :)

  19. Everyone's doing a perfume collection love itt!!!

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