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My perfume collection, hermes, dkny, d&g, ghost, gucci, chanel, roberto cavalli , clarins !

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  1. What??? 22 is NOTHING like 5!!!
    They're totally different smells!!!
    You can like one & not the other
    Also, BABY POWDER?!? Peace

  2. I am a new subscriber and I love your videos…you are adorable!

  3. I saw your video and smile when you mentioned No.22 Chanel Les Exclusif! I'm biggest fan of it! You should collect that and I bet you won't regret it :)

  4. your absolutely gorgeous!! New subbie here xx

  5. i love all of these brands that you showed and will be purchasing some of the ones you showed and said they were nice perfumes.. you mentioned a husband but you don't have a ring on? i'm not interfering so don't be offended by what I said haha. Great video mandy.

  6. Fantastic collection. I've been wanting to try Chanel 22 for a while now. I'm definitely going to try it now. I can't wait to see your Louis Vuitton collection. The stitching on your Sarah wallet came apart? How long did you have it for? Great vid. Thanks for sharing. Take care😀xoxo

  7. OMG that first Hermes one smells absolutely devine. I have that same fragrance and it my favorite. I love, love, love that scent. I have the second Hermes one too. I have it in the 100 % perfume that goes inside the gold lock. The Gucci guilty lasts me all day. Great collection and tfs hun.

  8. fab collection xoxo

  9. great collection!! you should try as well Voyage d'Hermes, it's sort of a masculine scent but kinda gentle. Just awesome!

  10. Beautiful ! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Lovely collection!!

  12. Love them Mandy. Now I am looking forward to experiment some distinguished perfumes ….. Love Sincerely for that reason. The brand Harvey Prince has so many exciting floral, fruity and spicy perfumes for ladies. https://www.harveyprince.com/

  13. The Robert cavalli sounds amazing with orange blossom and vanilla!!! I'll have to find this!!

  14. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    Make up is lovely- You remind me of Jennifer Aniston soft style and chic. Ooooh have you tried her perfume range btw? It is meant to be lovely.

  15. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    how absolutely lovely XXxxsmoochesxxXX thanks for sharing :)

  16. Hi Mandy, great video and very informative. I'm sensing a bit of a perfume addiction…I tend to keep to a couple, guess I need to branch out more. Looking forward to your LV collection …. Andri xxx

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