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My Perfume Collection

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  1. I have a fragrance haul on my channel. I have to upload a new one soon.

  2. You have an interesting way of describing fragrances.."a delicious mature sweet"? LOL nice video.

  3. I die for Emporio Armani Diamonds! Love your collection..

  4. YouAreSpotOnWithThat

    Dear Laura,
    Why not use your old or unwanted perfumes as room fragrances.
    I have a gift from someone, of perfume, that I use when I've cleaned my apartment, not on my body but in the room.
    It makes the place smell lovely.
    I don't like to attract attention when I'm out of the house, with any fragrance.
    My favorite men's fragrance is Calvin Klein, Obsession; in the olden days I used that SOAP.
    As you know, Obsession is: musk mandarin magnolia, peach and sandalwood.

  5. haha really, it is a random collection but i like to change it up x

  6. oh my godness I have the Mandragore too and it's sooooooo adorable!
    I like your collection lol
    Not many American girls like AG and all that kinds of perfumes and you are the only one I've ever seen that has one.

  7. I have the same three tbs perfumes as yours lol.
    When I got those they were 3 for $30 which was a big bargain.
    Really love the white musk.

  8. sorry for late reply, catching up after my holidays :)
    Umm I wouldnt say they are that long lasting, I wouldnt say all day, maybe till after lunch.

  9. Do the "the body shop" perfumes last throughout the day?

  10. let me know what you think of thr Kim K one, i want to try her new one now. I will have a sniff of the Emporio one as we must have similar taste x

  11. Wow, I reckon I've had almost the exact same perfumes as you over the years :-). I am noticing the theme of floral and sandalwood. Nina by Nina Ricci is my new favourite – it seems to be a hit with the men. Another good one is Emporio Armani White for women – it's gorgeous but hard to get and an all time favourite is D&G Light Blue. I am so trying the Kim Kardashian one now after watching this :-) x

  12. awww thanks, its Revlons black Cherry xx

  13. Burberry Brit!

  14. Hi – great collection, thanks for sharing! Please check out my perfume collection video too!

  15. I do love it. think Ive been wearing their Dream this week as its easier to grab but might have to get the Libertine out now youve reminded me x

  16. White musk libertine is the best scenton earth

  17. Haha my nan got me anais anais

  18. @ExclusivelyBeautiful i feel the same !

  19. ExclusivelyBeautiful

    Benefit — Lee Lee <333333333333

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