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My Perfume Collection

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  1. Random Rainbow Stuff

    What is the difference between worn and used? I totally agree with you about how many perfumes I own. If it were me though I wouldn't put all the fragrances I wear desperate from the others because I would forget about the others and not wear them because I don't like them as much.

  2. Hahaha freshy!

  3. You remind me of Ricky lake :)

  4. those perfumes smell cheap and tacky

  5. I have Viva la juicy and I…. LOVE IT !!!

  6. I think that the VS Noir Tease smells almost identical to Viva la Juicy, what are your thoughts (do you think theyre similar or am i crazy? :D)

  7. lol nope I'm a hoarder too!

  8. Im glad im not the only one with a million smellys

  9. yea it was crazy! lol

  10. I'm a perfume junkie too…I see that you and I have (or had) a lot of the same ones.

  11. your welcome

  12. yea I'm not a huge fan of that scent it's a little too heavy for me but I totally agree about keeping the samples and stuff because they can really come in handy especially for traveling!

  13. I agree that rollerballs are overpriced but I actually buy them instead of the bottles so if I end up not liking the scent Im out 20 bucks and not 80. I also have a cup full of the little perfume samples that everyone gives you when you order. Lady million is actually my new fave scent, but its definitely a heavy "grown up", nighttime scent.

  14. lol I'm 26! but thank you!

  15. How old are you? I thought u were like 19 or 20!!! I have been watching your videos all day and i am like what do you mean"your age?"

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